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[ Pdf A Fistful of Charms ó chapter-books PDF ] by Kim Harrison Í I think I may have overdosed on this series Usually I like to leave a space between books in a series, but I enjoyed the first in this one so much that I read 4 in a row I checked reviews and most people think this one was just as good or better than the preceding books So I think I need a break.
Specifically though, I didn t like the fact that Rachel was rescuing Nick who didn t deserve her help I don t like Nick and I absolutely HATE him calling her Ray Ray I also wasn t much taken with the bigger werewolf story Plus not enough Kisten Oh and Rachel seems to be getting and annoying as she makes stupid decision after stupid decision.
Kim Harrison is a writer with a lot of imagination and a lot of personality Her world and her characters are very original Where she stumbles is in her actual writing Not only are there tons of typos in this book spelling errors, grammar errors, etc it was a mute point she had to access the situation but her actual writing leaves a little something to be desired I have struggled with this series, finding it boring at times and hard to follow I finally came to the conclusion that the problem is that I don t understand the world that Harrison has created She is so imaginative and has built a universe really rich in fantasy, but she has failed to make the rules of that universe clear I do not understand her vampire society, I don t understand her werewolf hierarchy it s all very confusing Which makes the interactions and relationships between Rachel and the other characters particularly Ivy really hard to understand Potential spoilers ahead I will try to keep them very mild so you ll probably be okay, but added a warning just in case.
Basic plot of A Fistful of Charms Rachel discovers that her old boyfriend Nick, who disappeared at the end of the second book I think I don t remember exactly has taken off to Michigan and gotten into a lot of trouble after stealing a priceless werewolf artifact, taking Jenks s son Jax with him Rachel and and a human sized Jenks go to Michigan on a rescue mission but is Rachel going to help Jenks save his son, or is this about her unresolved feelings for her ex boyfriend Hint it s B What s good The book is at its most honest and heartfelt when it deals with the unresolved issues between Rachel and Nick Unfortunately this gets resolved pretty quickly, and it was a little convenient.
About halfway through, Ivy shows up for some unexplained reason or maybe it was explained, but was pretty flimsy , and there are some really great scenes between her and Rachel I think this is probably what the book is actually about The magic This is where Harrison s imagination really shines through when Rachel is performing spells, it s always fun to read.
Also, full sized Jenks is a lot of fun though another reviewer complained about Rachel s constant ogling, and I have to agree.
What s bad Some of the action in the book, particularly at the end, is pretty good But there are several chapters where Rachel has to scuba dive to this island full of werewolves to rescue Nick, and that whole thing is BORING It actually put me to sleep a couple times, and I don t think I m the only one who struggled with it I finally had to just skim until they got off or I never would have made it through.
My confusion about the structure of the vampire and werewolf societies made a lot of the plot of this book hard to follow There are three werewolf packs on this island but they re all united under one alpha but only sort of and they re aggressive because they want this statue it was confusing And what was the big deal about the statue It might start a war I m a pretty smart girl, but I didn t get it I basically came away with it s valuable and dangerous And they re willing to kill Rachel over it I guess that s all I really needed to know, but it was all screwy and confusing.
Also still confused about the whole Ivy Rachel Kisten dynamic And Kisten was missing from a lot of the book He was at the beginning and the very end, but through the meat of the book he was just mentioned a lot because they seemed to be using all his stuff Most of the time, though, Rachel didn t even think about him which was disappointing Kisten is the best part of the seres, IMO I will doggedly continue to read this series It somehow is able to keep me just barely interested enough to carry on, but there are a lot of things that confuse me and bother me about this series and try as I might, I don t think I ll ever understand why so many people love this series so much Which is nothing against the fans I m kind of jealous, in fact I want to love these books They re just not really for me, I guess.
Where the hell is Trent Kalamack He is probably off getting his elf butt married to that cold hearted lady of the previous installment, but still Where the heck is he I am only a few chapters away from finishing the book and still fondly waiting for him to make an appearance He is by far one of the most interesting characters of this series, along with Jenks, Ivy and of course Rachel herself Have to admit I am not precisely too great a fan of Ivy either Nick Nick can climb up the highest tree for all I care I didn t like him when he made his appearance in the first book, I grew to dislike him even in the second book, I barely tolerated him in the third one, but now I downright HATE him Geez, every time he makes an appearance he makes me feel ashamed of my being a simple human.
Not that Kisten is any better I don t exactly hate him, but I am not too fond of him either I don t think I d care if something anything happened to him.
But Trent His elfish butt better be in the 5th book As the joke goes, you don t have to be faster than the wolf chasing you, just faster than everyone else running away Undoubtedly the best book in the series, and by far the most action packed one too Mrs Harrison has set the bar too high for me and unless the next book is just as good I will be a tad bit disappointed This did the trick for me If I didn t love the series before now I definitely do The this series progresses and I get to see and know of the characters, the I bond with the characters and feel for them.
The key word in this novel is the world Weres because that s who s after Rachel and her friends Nick is back and he is worse than ever and we see an aspect of him that we had never seen before Jenks is back, and I must admit, I missed him dearly Someone took something from the Weres, or rather, someone didn t deliver something to them, something powerful, something that could easily ignite a war between the kinds This book is so action packed The kind of action that has a point I don t mean running around doing nothing It s the sort of action that makes your blood run high and that s exhilarating There were plot twists, things you didn t see coming Things involving certain characters, that will blow your mind Maybe one of those things is something that many of you wanted to happen for quite some time now Or things you wished that never happened because from now on shit will be going down.
This book has cemented another storyline and I love how this series just keeps getting and complicated without buffling you but it takes one problem at a time and solves it slowly I love how Mrs Harrison has built this world, she s an incredible world builder and a much nicer character developer.
I found this book really hard to read compared to the previous three Whilst there was all the usual excitement and twists and turns i was starting to feel like i had read this all before Rachel is starting to get on my nerves a bit, i really can t understand how one person can keep making such bad mistakes and never learning from them, and she seems to have the biggest libido in the world Can she survive five minutes without falling in love with someone And is she ever going to stop toying with Ivy s emotions.
Whilst everyone else s characters seem to be developing, Rachel, the main character doesn t seem to be This book has left me feeling that i m not sure if i want to read any of the series.

5 starsI don t know how to rate this Rachel is getting on my nerves big time and that s never a good thing for the main character of a series It also feels like it s heading down a very weird path with Ivy that I seriously don t like I also don t like what s coming for Jenks And I didn t even get some sexy times to distract me from all that in this book.
What I did like is the writing, the world K.
H built and the overall plot I will probably keep reading the series as I m too curious and I need to find out what she s going to do with all the marks and the black she s acquired but I ll take a break for the moment.
The last couple of lines of this book were the best of this whole series.
I still don t LOVE this series but I ll give the next book a read now just because I want to know what bloody happens Though it s edging eerily close to an Anita Blake theme here.
I think the reason why I liked this story better was because it was blessedly free of demons When there s a demon around, you can almost bet that Rachel is twice as dumb as usual Unfortunately, the title of the next book is A Few Demons More.
Fuck my life I m prepared for some serious dumbassery.
Shortest review ever While reading this book I couldn t stop my self from thinking a saying that we have here in Greece even stupid than chicory Rachel is so dumb that my hand is twitching I hope that I won t end up rooting for a demon to take her out of her misery.
Reviewed by Rabid Reads3.
5 starsWhere to begin.
I ve come to expect a certain kind of action fueled, intricate, and well crafted plot from Kim Harrison, and in A Fistful of Charms, the fourth installment of her The Hollows series, the breakneck pace and interconnectedness upheld all of my expectations.
But yes, there s a but the Rachel and Ivy nonsense came to a head, and as we all know, things that come to a head are wont to EXPLODE.
And explode it did But I ll get to that later.
At the end of book 3, Rachel signs on as David the lone Were s female alpha for insurance purposes b c as an independent runner, Rachel is practically uninsurable , and as a quick fix for David who is getting hassled at work for being a lone wolf, and not contributing to the Were population.
SO He forms a pack with Rachel, who won t hold him to the standard expectations that another Were would relationships, babies, etc and problem solved Right Right.
The local alphas don t think much of David s loophole maneuver and decide to make an example of him And by him I mean Rachel, b c she s the one who gets challenged by the alpha leader backed female who wants to be David s alpha in truth waggles eyebrows as opposed to on paper, like Rachel These early shenanigans with the Weres lay the groundwork for the upcoming interactions shenanigans with the Weres, who play a HUGE role in this book.
There s also a lot of Nick I don t like Nick.
Nick aside, the premise for this book was awesome an artifact that can unite the Weres and return them to a position of power among the Inderlanders has been discovered cough stolen cough , and Rachel and Co must find it, hide it, and prevent an Inderlander war.
If this idea sounds familiar, and you happened to have read the first book from Jess Haines HW Investigations series, let me assure you that Harrison s book predates Haines by four years, and if there was any theft of ideas, it wasn t on Harrison s part That s all I m going to say about that.
So yeah, very cool, very easily identified plot More character development across the board for the first time, I actually like Ivy instead of merely acknowledging her presence Aaaannndddddd Jenks gets BIG.
Seriously, what could be cooler than BIG Jenks Not much.
So why did I only rate this 3.
5 stars when up to this point the other books have been a solid 4 stars Well there s a thing that Rachel likes to do that really bugs me No, not the tomatoes thing snickers but good guess , and I haven t mentioned it before now b c up to this point it s been a minor thing, and I ultimately love her, BUT Rachel likes to take responsibility for things that aren t her fault And the way she does this rationalizes other problems or other people s responsibility in the problems until she is solely to blame.
I hate it.
I m all for taking ownership of your actions In fact, I probably hate blame shifting than Rachel s convoluted rationalizations that manage to hold her accountable for things that are only marginally her fault if at all But what Rachel does is so far beyond ownership it s almost like when a leader sacrifices herself for the safety of her people It s this big, dramatic sense of responsibility, and by usurping that responsibility, she also belittles the choices of others.
I Hate It.
So what is this big, awful thing that Rachel tries to take responsibility for Well, I could tell you, but then I d have to kill you If you ve read the book, then you know If you haven t read the book, read THE BOOK if you haven t figured it out yet, all roads lead to the same place orbit gum smile I also don t like the suggestion that Rachel had been harboring a secret desire for the Awful Thing to happen all along I ll buy that she needs to be in a relationship that s dangerous and or risky to stay interested, but the other thing NOPE Sorry, don t buy it.
So again, GREAT premise, action packed plot, BIG Jenks swoons drools , lots o good stuff here, but also again, REALLY over the Rachel and Ivy drama HOWEVER, I happen to know for a FACT, that it does end So keep on swimmin , little fishes keep on swimmin.
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