Trailer Ø Web of Lies PDF by  Jennifer Estep

Trailer Ø Web of Lies PDF by  Jennifer Estep Curiosity Is Definitely Going To Get Me Dead One Of These Days Probably Real SoonI M Gin BlancoYou Might Know Me As The Spider, The Most Feared Assassin In The South I M Retired Now, But Trouble Still Has A Way Of Finding Me Like The Other Day When Two Punks Tried To Rob My Popular Barbecue Joint, The Pork Pit Then There Was The Barrage Of Gunfire On The Restaurant Only, For Once, Those Kill Shots Weren T Aimed At Me They Were Meant For Violet Fox Ever Since I Agreed To Help Violet And Her Grandfather Protect Their Property From An Evil Coalmining Tycoon, I M Beginning To Wonder If I M Really Retired So Is Detective Donovan Caine The Only Honest Cop In Ashland Is Having A Real Hard Time Reconciling His Attraction To Me With His Boy Scout Mentality And I Can Barely Keep My Hands Off His Sexy Body What Can I Say I M A Stone Elemental With A Little Ice Magic Thrown In, But My Heart Isn T Made Of Solid Rock Luckily, Gin Blanco Always Gets Her Man Dead Or Alive In the previous book she was a badass assassin, who wasn t afraid to kill anyone and who bowed to no one.
In this book she s ever better I absolutely, absolutely love her As I ve said before, I am tired of killers with morals, who don t want to kill anyone but they have to do it, boo hoo, poor little them Well, let me tell you, Gin is nothing like that I loved the fact that she s not all powerful, she got her ass kicked a few times and she s not afraid to ask for the help of her friends And everyone loves a girl who can handle her knives in the kitchen and in other situations.
She quit being an assassin, but she still loves to kill people and kick their asses She just has better reasons now, not just money This was such a fast, entertaining read At one point at about 70% I wondered how many pages the book has, in my mind it was impossible for it to have than 250 When I saw that it has 400, I was stunned I was hooked on this book, I couldn t put it down, I absolutely loved it 4 A weekly Urban Fantasy read with my fantastic buddies at BBB We have a kick ass southern lady assassin, retired, who will not back down in the face of danger, and will not blink an eye when taking down a mark Ice runs in her veins and despite her ability to turn her skin into stone, she is not invulnerable, she is still human Yes, she had it tough when she was a kid and she was on the brink of giving up before meeting Fin and his dad Yes, she falls for the wrong guy and his treatment of her hurts her soul, and yes, even she has people she allows herself to care about and they are her weak spots But overall, she is one cold and competent killer, unapologetic and free of guilt for any of her kills, and they are quite many This professionalism is what makes me like her and the lack of moral ambiguity only makes us accept her exactly as she comes Gin s love interest, Donovan Cain, was not a good choice, but go tell that to the heart, or appropriately, the animal, hormonal attraction they rocked for each other Despite Donovan being hot and attractive as hell, he can not accept Gin for who and what she is, making her feel bad about herself, tainting every moment they had together with judgment, guilt and negativity He is, in my opinion, a pompous stick in the mud And maybe he has sticks up some of the parts of his own anatomy, I can not be sure Luckily, we have some resolution to this problem, although it sucks that he manages to hurt Gin in the process However, there is Owen Grayson who has arrived at the scene and is obviously interested Gin should give him a chance The rest of the cast, starting with the two Dwarf sisters, Fin, and several young ladies who frequent the Pork Pit, as well as the usual bad guys, make the world of magical Ashland, North Carolina, a very interesting and amusing place to live Retired Gin has to rely on all of them to keep her from dying of boredom while not being hired to kill people A girl has to keep herself busy, after all So, she gets herself in trouble, does some pro bono work, and manages to come out on the other side mostly in one piece Mostly The only true downer is Donovan This is the second book in the Elemental Assassin Series and you can tell that the author is gaining momentum and the writing, as well as the story telling is getting better There are still things that bother me, mostly repetitions which make no sense, and I am truly tired of her telling me how gray her eyes are I know already, let s move on, shell we But I digress So, if you like actionny, light, and easy to read UF series, with a cool and bloodthirsty female lead, this book is absolutely for you There is some violence, and some sexual content, but it is not disturbing or overwhelming You also get at least one southern cooking advice per book, and I already tried the one from the first book it was received with pleasure by the guys in my household So, read it, entertainment is to be had by all Now I wish all of you Happy Reading and may you always find something to enjoy in every book you read 3.
5 stars This is not a review This is my rant directed towards one of the least likable love interests in the history of Urban Fantasy Mr Donovan Caine Or donovancaine, which has a certain assonance to a potent anesthetizer, and is truly appropriate, because that s exactly what he does to me One of the most hypocritical, double faced, backboneless men ever to have roamed the pages of a UF novel And I loathe those kind of men and who wouldn t Not only his ethics are just figments of his imagination and he takes advantage of Gin anytime that the chance arises, but what is most and fastidiously irksome is that he always and systematically gets post coitum second thoughts and let s face it, the coitus wasn t even that hot to begin with I really, really don t understand what Gin sees in him She must be pretty desperate in her lonesome wolf style assassin life So I am proud to announce that, after his final backlessbone decision, that is to run from his issues and ignore them instead of come to terms with the not so virtuous bastard that he is, donovancaine is finally out of the picture He left, not to see Gin ever again and face his true self And good riddance.
Enter Owen Grayson, who I already like infinitely than donovancaine At least he s got a sense of humor Basically this second installment in the series is in line with the first one and I enjoyed it quite a bit As readers of Spider s Bite should already know, Estep s problems are really minor and have to do with 1 the fact that nobody has yet given her a Thesaurus for Christmas the world sloppy repeated countless times in this book I mean, WHY 2 the fact that she perpetuates the belief that chicory coffee actually contains caffeine, which might be the problem with the previous point, that is Estep falling asleep on her manuscript without realizing it, and then forgetting she has used the word sloppy or the phrase grey on gold and now the new entry grey on violet too many a times.
Aside from that, the plot is really fast paced and interesting and Gin is really a great character, probably without a doubt the main reason why I am going to keep on reading this series Maja says it gets better, and I trust her judgement.
At the age of 15 Donovan Caine suffered a terrible life altering trauma His mother stopped breast feeding him He was disconsolate Not even his extensive Furby collection could turn that frown upside down The resultDonovan Caine became a complete ass hat ass hat ass hat ass hat This book is really great but I m holding the 5th star hostage Ms Estep, if you want the 5th star kill ass hat by 5pm, May 29 The method of death should be gruesome and humiliatingit would be nice if it involved public nudity, a porta loo, and 200 meters of det chord I loved everything about this book except ass hat Well worth a read if a dystopian alternate reality, inhabited by magic users, vampires, giants and dwarves sounds like your cup of tea.
So far this isn t my favorite UF series out there That title is still held by the Kate Daniels Series and The Fever Series 1 5 I m still pretending the other books didn t happen It has potential.
lots of potential but so far I m struggling a little with the repetition in the writing I don t need a recap of what happened in chapter 1 in chapter 5 I read it under an hour ago I remember what happened The gist of the storyGin is trying to be a retired assassin and current BBQ owner but there is a man who trying to get someone off their land for the mining rights and has escalated his tactics to get it She might need to brush off her knives and save yet another damsel in distress and her grandfather What this has going for itIt has Gin I don t adore her yet but I do like that she is a sexually aggressive assassin that takes what she wants and goes after the bad guys Just because you are an assassin doesn t mean that you don t kill bad people.
It has Finn He is a totally likeable sidekick that had your back and will flirt with anything with two legs.
like literally anything But he is sorta adorable in a I m an loveable man whore kind of way.
There are a few other fun sidekicks that will probably have very cool backstories when we get to them and there are and hints about who the big bad really is and why Gin is going to take them down.
Another plus is the world I m enjoying this UF world with dwarves, giants, vampires and other nasties Also the magic system of earth, wind, water and fire is different and might work up to be some thing really cool.
What hasn t hit the mark for me yetThe writing It is getting better all the time but like I said before there is a lot of repetition and I just want to get on with it.
There is also a love interest introduced in book only to be hustled out in book 2 I didn t really care about him and everyone thinks he is an asshole he is a little but you know it is doomed from the beginning cop assassin does not make a happily ever after I think it had potential and could have been good if the author committed to the journey and struggle but I like the new guy so I don t care at all.
I m waiting for this to just catch me and take me on a ride and so far it hasn t I like it but I m easily distracted by other things going on in my reading list Final thoughtsThe is definitely something here and since this has like 10 books in the series so far I m going to assume that the author figure out how to streamline her story just a little bit better later on.
YES I love it when a series gets better from the first one This book really got me into the groove with this character and this world I really am interested in the magic, there were fun character twists andSPOILER THANK GOD FOR THE LOVE INTEREST RESOLUTION It was my main criticism from the last one, and so happy the author was brave enough to switch gears and it s looking like a GOOD DIRECTION Ok, I wanna be vague, but I m totally in for 3 This was better than the first one and that was good 4.
5 stars I really like Gin Blanco as the main character She makes no apologies for who she is She is feisty and strong, determined to survive at all costs and can be ruthless And yet I really felt for her vulnerability with the detective she likes so much and what goes down between them I love Jo Jo and Sophia, her dwarf friends I m looking forward to the rest of the series as now Gin is getting set to avenge her family and has met some one new as a potential love interest in future books.
So basically I kind of like this series First of all because Gin may be a bleeding heart who ll take a job just because she hears a sobstory but it also turns out she s a real bitch Something I can really appreciate.
I ve never told anybody this before but I also relate to Gin because I too am a female assassin image error Isn t that your cook from the Pork Pit The one who was working when Jake McAllister tried to rob you Yeah, I replied She moonlights as a badass, just like meGin has put aside her assassin cloak, or knife in her case , trying to live a normal life However life of a retired assassin is quite boring But then two punks try to rob her barbecue restaurant, and of course one of them is the son of Jonah McAllister, a very successful lawyer, and one of Mab Monroe s top lieutenants Mab Monroe who basically runs their town, and who is a powerful fire elemental But Gin doesn t scare easily, and she refuses to let others bully her So she makes a charge against Jonah s son, and puts herself on Jonah McAllister s radar.
And if that s not enough, her restaurant is fired upon, but it seems that Gin was not the target They were meant for Victoria Fox, the granddaughter of an old friend of her former handler And so Gin agrees to help protect Victoria and her grandfather against an evil coalmining tycoon, who wants his land, and is prepared to threaten and kill for itSo once again, Gin is doing what she does best taking out the bad guysI love Gin, and how kick ass she is The way she is able to put aside her emotions and pain when she needs to be logical to get out of tough situations is simply amazing And I love learning about her past and how she became an assassin Her life has not been easy, but instead of being weak, she fights with everything she has to survive I have wondered since the previous book if maybe Gin is powerful than she thought she was, and finally by the end of this book I had my answer I cannot wait to see what she is capable ofGin crosses paths with the powerful fire elemental Mab Monroe and , and I can t wait to see how the final confrontation between these two are going to play out view spoiler Especially now that we know that Mab is the one who murdered Gin s mother and older sister hide spoiler