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[P.G. Wodehouse] Ø Uncle Fred in the Springtime [hqn PDF] Ebook Epub Download ï It is always my aim to try and spread sweetness and light This is Wodehouse at his absolutely best My favorite book of his to date Lord Call me Uncle Fred Ickenham, a loveable gentleman in his sixties who feels like he is still in his twenties, comes to life the second his wife leaves for France, giving him strict orders to stay at home and out of trouble But what s a meddling uncle to do when his favorite nephew manages to cause his fianc to break off the engagement, said nephew s best friend manages to anger his fianc who so happens to be Uncle Fred s favorite niece , and people left and right are begging him to set various things to rights What follows is a hilarious romp which includes a pig napping, Fred impersonating the respectable looney doctor, ehm, nerve specialist, Roderick Glossop, mix ups galore, and, of course, happy endings for everyone To use the blurb Stephen Fry wrote for the Wodehouse novels You don t analyze such sunlit perfection, you just bask in its warmth and splendor I need to get my hands on Uncle Fred stories Once again Wodehouse brings roses back to the cheeks And once again I am amazed by his ability with words, aided by his astounding vocabulary and apparent erudition From beautifully worded original descriptions in polysyllables, to both popular and obscure Latinisms, to numerous vernaculars and slang, he seems perfectly at home with them all and can fashion them into something light, bright and sparkling His command of the English language is gorgeously beautiful, and as Keats puts it, A thing of beauty is a joy forever In short, this one is a standard wodehousean fare, which is to say it s funny, sunny, clever, gentle, and optimistic Like his eponymous hero Uncle Fred, PGW always spreads sweetness and light Pure win.

Time was I read a lot of PG Wodehouse, in the pre web days where series that were oversupplied in used bookstore had a special place in my heart I eventually had to stop because while I loved them I couldn t remember if I d read Carry On, Jeeves but not Right Ho, Jeeves And since all the plots involved Bertie starting himself accidentally engaged while trying to help out a friend and ended with him giving up on his desire to wear a green tie or white pants over the objections of Jeeves, I simply ran out of options A friend implied you could remember which book it was based on which piece of clothing Bertie sacrificed at the end If there s not already an app for that, there should be After twenty five years later it seemed OK to start reading again, since the plots are interchangeable anyway and I certainly don t remember the jokes any This book is from the Blandings series so a different cast of characters Uncle Fred is an interesting sort he s a sixty year old Earl with the recklessness, overconfidence and generosity of Wooster with something approaching the intelligence and savoir faire of Jeeves The rest are 20 somethings who got a little confusing, since it s too easy to think of Fred as everyone s uncle the romantic triangles get a little weird.
I ll make one slightly serious point In my twenties the old ball and chain stereotype of all women over 50 must have passed by unnoticed, but it got old this time around One of those annoying period jokes that just didn t age well, especially when the nominally good hearted hero indulges in quips that come off a bit mean spirited today The book could have used an Aunt Dahlia.
Stats for the PG Wodehouse app I mentioned Plot Keyword Pignapping, Number of brain specialists 2Number of non impostor brain specialists 1Primary card game Persian monarchsBest phobia Fear of lambsLost clothing None This is a Blanding book, not a Jeeves book Do pay attention.
Worth Reading Yes Another brilliant, hilarious Wodehouse I find it is best to read a couple of these at a time and then take a break.
Written in 1939 and maybe because of the encroaching war,this story lacked the sparkle and joie de vivre of other Wodehouse books I found it hard to get into and it failed to hold my attention for long Having said that, any Wodehouse book is always a good and enjoyable read but this is not one of the better ones.
Lord Ickenham Uncle Fred is down at Blandings Castle doing a bit of good well, we know no good can come of that, don t we Except belly laughter, that is I love it when two worlds of Wodehouse collide It s like mixing two types of liquor together and taking a swig guaranteed to knock you out But then, Jeeves will always be there with his inimitable pickups on the morning after, won t he This book was so funny in parts that I found myself rewinding it and listening to certain scenes over and over Absolute classic PG Wodehouse.
Delightful romp involving the Duke of Dunstable trying to take Emsworth s pride and joy, the Empress of Blandings, and put her on a reducing diet In an attempt to avoid this, Emsworth enlists his brother Galahad s old pal, Pongo Twistleton s Uncle Fred Jonathan Cecil narrated this audiobook and was once again a treat to listen to.
Frederick Altamont Cornwallis Twistleton, Fifth Earl Of Ickenham, Better Known As Uncle Fred, Is Back To Spread Sweetness And Light Wherever He Goes At The Request Of Lord Emsworth, Uncle Fred Journeys To Blandings Castle To Steal The Empress Of Blandings Before The Ill Tempered, Egg Throwing Duke Of Dunstable Can Lay Claim To Her Disguised As The Eminent Nerve Specialist Sir Roderick Glossop, And With His Distressed Nephew Pongo In Tow, Uncle Fred Must Not Only Steal A Pig But Also Reunite A Young Couple And Diagnose Various Members Of The Upper Class With Imaginary Mental Illnesses, All Before His Domineering Wife Realizes He S Escaped Their Country Estate Impostors, schemes, pig rustling, and impostors The indominitible Uncle Fred conducts a veritable three ring circus at Blandings Guest appearance by Sir Roderick Glossop, nerve doctor to the upper crust Delightful.