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[C.L. Parker] â Supernova (Supernova Saga, #1) [womens PDF] Ebook Epub Download â I was very pleased to be able to review this book I met C.
L and her sister a little over a year ago at a JR Ward signing At that time she was writing at Fan Fiction As we stood in line her sister beamed with pride and proclaimed that one dayher sister would have a book of her own True to her words, next JR Ward signing I see her and yell Hey Remember me She then says Yes and proceeds to announce her new book That s when I tell her about my book blog and hear you have the making of a book blog marriage LOLI did not know what to expect upon reading Supernova When you re out and about meeting new people you can run into all kinds of nut jobs, but I was very surprised An original concept Which says a lot since I am kind of downing myself I still like to write about the Vamps, Faes and Weres You can imagine how excited I was to read this story I enjoyed it I truly did So here is what the synopsis does not tell you C.
L Parker writes a very descriptive story Her words envelops you and makes you feel as if you are right there, bringing your senses to life, along with the characters Not only is this book refreshing with it s new ideas It is also comical This comes with the use of her Sassy Gay Character Gabe I found myself several times having a genuine chuckle over his antics and phrases Kerrigan and Dominic are totally believable characters whose lives has been thrown together I loved their interaction with one another The story is quite the tease, and I loved it I am looking forward to stories from C.
L Parker.
I wasn t going to kiss you, silly girl I was going to ravishyou OhDominic.
you sure as hell can ravish me Haha This was a great read I really liked Kerrigan While finding out crazy new stuff about herself, she didn t freak out or cower and give up Dominic was cute insanely hot Plays guitar, always brooding, drives a 1970 Barracuda, and has a dark secret Oh, and I loved Gabe, he kept me cracking up and has GOT to be the ultimate diva.
The title for this book pretty much says it all when it comes to this story Def Supernova A rare celestial phenomenon involving the explosion of most of the material in a star, resulting in an extremely bright short lived object that emits vast amount of energy.
That definition fits this book so well, Supernova by C.
L Parker is defiantly a bright star and has so much energy and suspense in it The story line flows perfectly and I must say it explodes with comedy in the perfect places.
I love C.
L Parkers writing style its one that is defiantly her own I don t want to give any of this story away because its so good that I want you to read it on your own But I must say the plot grabs you and keeps you even after you have finished the story I would have to say Gabe is my favorite character in this book I know your probably wondering why I didn t say Dominic, I mean he is the hot sexy guy right Well Gabe is the funny one that gets to say what ever he wants when he wants and I love that about him.
Supernova is an amazing book and I can t wait to read from this fabulous author.
I met CL on Facebook and decided that her personality alone made me want to read this book All I can say is thank god I trusted my feelings about her This book is fantastic I felt like I was right there in the story with Kerrigan and Dominic I also fell in love with Gabe I have many friends like him The story overall was extremely well written I loved the way she built the characters I am on to the next book now and can t wait for the third I highly recommend this whole series to everyone whether you like paranormal or not You will fall in love with this story.
GOD Gatita has most absolutely and indefinitely got my tongue on this one This is HOTNESS personified Supernova is the story of Kerrigan , a girl born as the Guardian of light Now you must be thinking , oh a guardian of light born to eradicate darkness and all that jazz Well well let me tell you Supernova and Kerrigan s power has nothing to do with the kind of light you are assuming it to be.
This light refers to a persons free will or willingness I know its too much for you to understand it right now , but trust me you ll get a clear view of what i m trying to tell you when you read the book Its also the story of Dominic , a guy touchedby darkness and light alike But Dominic has a secret , a curse that has changed his views about life and love What is that curse , can Kerrigan help him , can she be the light that can take away his darkness To get the answer to all these questions , you will most simply have to read the awesomness that this book is.
Cover thoughts Can it get any prettier Well maybe prettier maynot exactly be the word , but what the heck , i really love this cover The simplicity of it is what makes it so loving The crystal blue cat shaped eyes ooohhh so pretty Well , where do i start describing how good this book was actually good would be an understatement here Epic could be the word i m looking for Loved every single aspect of it , right from the plot to the develpement of the story to the characters involved everything is scripted and wriiten so beautifully , the emotions woven so intricately it i laughed out loud , rolled my eyes , snorted out , shed a few tears , oooh ed and aah ed , blushed , gasped , sighed , had my jaws dropped etc etc The characters were very aptly sketched They had a sense of realism to them Kerrigan was such a joy to know I ve seen a lot of female characters going all crazy when they find out that they have a purpose to live upto in a lot of books They go around eating everyone s brains out asking mundane questions , but Kerrigan was nt anything like that She accepted who she was and took in her responsibilty easily.
Dominic on the other hand was someone who made me cry my heart out The things he endured and the consequences of it all that he has to love with really broke my heart But my ultimate fav character had to be Gabe oh my god , he s soooo sickly funny I was laughing my ass out all the time he said something really wicked and funny You have to read to believe the kind of things he says Oh and not to forget Kerrigans and Dominic relationship wooohoooo , steamy They are just so full of teases HAWT On the whole , a very exciting , thrilling ride , i cant wait to dig my nails into Cataclysm book 2 in the Supernova series Be sure to check this out , you ll definitely enjoy it I cant complete this review without a healthy dose of Gabe ism , so here goesGabe stepped up behind Kerrigan and looked over Dominic suggestively Oh well hell lo there , Mr Make My Uterus Drop Kerrigan rolled her eyes at her best friend Gabe, how many times do we have to go over this You do not have a uterus Prove it bitch, he snapped back at her , knowing she could nt Where are your manners Introduce me to my future baby daddy , girl This debut book was a breath of fresh air no vamps, no weres, no witcheswellmaybe some of you may see similarities and think this is about black magic, but that really isn t what the story is about Kerrigan Cruz, only daughter to Hudson and Priscilla, has a disturbing dream the night that her Grammy Availia dies It is also the eve of her twenty fourth birthday and her life is about to change forever Tired of living under the controlling thumb of her military father, and her extremely nauseating boyfriend, Jackson Knoffyepgo ahead and laughThis slime ball has a wicked case of halitosis that has Kerrigan wishing he would eat a tic tac Not to mention, he has failed to give her an earth shattering O In fact, not even a tee tiny one Kerrigan relocates to St Augustine, Florida the oldest city in the U.
, and home to the infamous Fountain of Youth to live in her Grammy s home Along with her best friend, Gabriel Baxter her very gay friend who provides some wacky moments in this book and will have you laughing your butt off in some parts Gabe has no filter for his deviant mind, and considers himself an expert in all that is DIVA He is a wonderfully, interesting secondary character that pesters his way into your heart and sits down for a spell Whether you want him to or not LOL.
Enter Dominic Grayson Sigh A drool worthy man who sets Kerrigan s world off kilter from their first encounter He dons button fly jeans, goes commando, and wears snug fitting tees that sport the logo of classic rock bands But that is not what makes my legs feel like a wet noodle and my toes curl It s the fact that he plays the acoustic guitar And he does it so sexily He stuck his chin out and sang with closed eyes He felt every word he sang like they were a map to his soul.
She wanted to lick the defined lines of the flexing tendons in his forearms But most of all, she wanted to let her lips hover over his to feel them moving to form the words, inhale the breath of each lyric he sang, and taste the lust that spilled forth from the cavern of sin Dominic has a secret a HUGE secret, that he s afraid to tell Kerrigan about This secret could put a stop to their delicate relationship Dominic doesn t want to lose Kerrigan and holds back a major part of himself that threatens the fragile bonds that tether them as one He fights his growing, mutual attraction and leaves Kerrigan a very, very, frustrated woman There is plenty of UST in this book much to my chagrinheheeheh but the wait is SO worth it Let s face it This southern gal knows how to write a smokin sex scene like nobody s business I will NOT post a spoiler here of that You.
What had my stomach all in knots while reading this very visual and intimate scene, was the emotional wallop that C.
L delivers during it She paints such a vivid picture that is filled with raw emotions not just the actions of the two lovers, but something that goes much deeper There are twists and turns in the story and questions that are still left unanswered Thank GAWD, this is just the first book of three That s right, this is a saga So, have I done my job and hooked you yet I sure hope so Because I have a tingly spidey sense that indicates this won t be the last time we see this awesome newbie to the paranormal genre I don t want to give away too much Why in the he would you read, if I did that Snort.
But I must give you another taste His body sang to hers, an erotic composition of desire vibrating through every fiber of her being She wanted to get lost in the alluring crescendos of each breath he took, and float like a feather on each exhalation he released I have swooned.
once againjust writing that My honest rating of this book is 4 StarsI have read other stories by her and know just what she is capable of She has blown me away so many times with the power of her words However, there are some areas that I believe she could have built upon, but for whatever reason, didn t These few weak spots are my opinion I stress that because I know what my girl can do She knows it too We have discussed the couple scenes that I am referring to, and she agreed She also put the blame and shame on me, saying had I agreed to pre read for her, I would have called her out on it, and she would have fixed it before it went to print See We tell it like we see it Also, not every reader thinks the same about a story That s the brilliant thing about writing you grow as you go And because of that, I know that C.
L Parker will no doubt develop into a fantastic author She s already well on her way Supernova has such wonderful pacing you are on a roller coaster ride of twists and turns of a well developed plot She adheres to her characters true nature and you aren t left saying, WTF Overall, I love Dominic and Kerrigan, and I am looking forward to the next book.
As Part Of A Chosen Bloodline, Kerrigan Cruz Has Inherited A Gift Supernatural Powers Which Give Her The Ability To Protect A Person S Free Will From Those Who Wish To Alter Destiny For Their Own Design After Her Grandmother S Passing, Kerrigan Meets Dominic Grayson, An Alluring Stranger With A Secret Of His Own Dominic Has Been Cursed, Touched By Both Darkness And Light, And Kerrigan Is The Only One Who Can Save Him In Their World, Only Three Things Are Certain His Curse Her Gift Their Destiny Ok, take this as your gush alert because I loved this book remember You Have Been Warned Where should I even start The characters Sure thing Let me start with the character that gets the award for being so damn funny that I laughed out loud for much of this novel If you ve read Supernova you know that I am talking about Gabe Talk about a hilarious, diva character Gabe added some welcome comic relief and a few I cannot believe he said that gasps Parker did a fabulous job of creating a character that I could see so vividly that I had to remind myself that Gabe was only a character and not someone that I know in real life Kerrigan she started out as a weak and timid girl who was too afraid of her father and what he would think of her to stand on her own two feet and she really pissed me off I can t tell you how excited I was when she finally started standing up for herself and the things that she wanted in her life On than one occasion I could find myself sitting in my favourite reading chair fist pumping the air with excitement when she called someone out on their crap Dominic three words holy smokin hot I have a complete crush on Dominic please don t tell my husband from his fierce green eyes down to his Levi s 501 button fly jeans Add too his smoldering description, his fierce protective nature, his genuine sweetness and his sense of humor and you have a winning combination Now let me gush a little about Parker s ability to make you actually feel the characters she is writing about If you have spent much time around Hands and Home you know that I live for vivid and intimate character descriptions If I don t feel like I know the characters I really can t get all that invested in their stories Like I said with Gabe, I really do have to remind myself that this is a novel and not a story of people that I know in real life Everything from Kerrigan s grandmother s house, the awful breath of her boyfriend, the tension between Kerrigan and Dominic, and even the colour of Gabe s Bubbletinis was so fabulously described that I felt like I was sitting around the kitchen in Kerrigan s house Of course I loved the characters, but I also loved the story line and the twists I thought that Supernova was a great change of pace from what I have been reading lately and really appreciated all aspects of this novel I loved the connection between Kerrigan and her Grandmother and found the way that Kerrigan s gift manifested to be quite interesting However I do think that there was room to explore this in detail, especially since it played such a huge role in the book and I hope to read about it in the next novel of the Supernova Saga C.
L Parker wrote a book that I actually felt I was a part of The characters felt so real to me, they could have been my own friends I thoroughly enjoyed Supernova and I can t wait to see what Parker comes up with next Click here for full review received a free copy of Supernova from The Writer s Coffee Shop Publishing House in exchange for an honest review All opinions are my own.
I haven t prepared a well thought out book review since college Rarely a book grabs ahold of you in a way that makes you want to race to the nearest roof top shouting, You MUST read this friggin book Supernova, was this kind of book for me Many times a paranormal book is all balls to the wall, so to speak, as far as the storyline goes, leaving you wondering just what the hell happened Or, the complete opposite is true It takes so long for the climax, you re left thinking, Really, that s it That could have been said in oh 5 chapters Not so with this book.
Supernova not only is well paced from beginning to end, the intricacy of the storyline is what keeps you from putting the darn thing down One thing that can make a romance story unbelievable and cliche is the forced, love at first site heroine and the lover that stole her heart from the word go CL Parker did an AMAZING job of making Kerrigan and Dominic s relationship, and later love, a believable, emotional roller coaster rideone you don t want to get off of With Dominic s problem and Kerrigan s naivety of what s really going on has you angry, sad and jumping for joy when the two can finally put that all aside and come together Dominic, by the way, is HOT, HOT, HOT and at the top of my list of literary boyfriends.
And Gabe One can NOT forget Gay Gabe He is a force to be reckoned with for sure At first, I thought, Wow, I can t believe he said that and then I was wishing he d crawl out of the pages and go shopping with me for a day just so I could be witness to a real day with him His charater is by far hands down, the funniest I have ever readand I ve read a lot Many times he had me literally laughing out loud It s not just his charisma and diva charm that will have you loving him, but his fierce protection for his BFF, Kerrigan Priceless There are too many great things to mention all in a few paragraphed review, but truly this book has it all It ll leave you screaming and wishing you could strangle Kerrigan s fiance You ll cry with Kerrigan when she loses her grandmother, thankful for the neighbor friends and wanting to knock Kerrigan and Dominic s heads together, just so they could see what s so obvious to you, the reader.
Drama, love, romance, heartache, trials, tribulations, suspense, evil, witches, magic and ghosts oh my Well done Miss Parker I will definitely be following this author ya know, i left an review and i would sure hate for CL to get a big head and all, but i LOVED this book i got the ebook version but i wanted to read it while relaxing in a bubble bath one of my few luxuries with five boys that is if you count MY gabe KELLY, whom we ve always called by his middle name JOSHUA but was destined from birth to BE kelly LOL Moving right along, ahem, i decided to print out just a few of chapters to read in the tub but when i was done with them, i still had bubbles and the water was still warm and all was still quiet on the testosterone front groaning as i grabbed my robe, i dripped over to the pc and printed a few chapters but then the water got cold and my skin got wrinkly and the hubs was asleep and i wanted to write but i wanted to keep reading even Parker s characters are entertaining and contemporary hell, i m forty ish and that s how i partied with my friends except we were all teen moms so our kids were either occupied with each other or with a sitter the dialogue is witty, even hilarious at times, but also undeniably sensual between the protagonists and you just wanna go, Uuhh My husband heard me cracking up in the tub over gabe s antics at one point and asked if i was ok.
A few chapters later, i asked him to join me This woman can WRITE in a way that sucks you in I finished this book in a day and a half and was eager to start CATACLYSM Alas the holidays intervened and i had to be wife and mom with only a little bit of author snuck in there has been no reading for fun the last few weeks and now even though i ve been working on MY next book, i think, in a few days when the tax deductions return to school, i will take a little extra break to read it cover to cover Of course, if it s anything like SUPERNOVA, i probably won t be able to help myself anyway TTFN, kg