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Trailer Ê Summer Lightning PDF by » P.G. Wodehouse Although I can see why I don t usually partake of a steady diet of any genre much less author, there is something to be said for immersing oneself in a serious study of comedy For one thing it recognizes comedy as art and as such not to be viewed lightly, however much it entertains For another, constant exposure to the medium has the effect of reducing one s susceptibility to the comic influence through immunity thus allowing for greater objectivity in viewing what has facilitated our mirth.
These are both important for me I like and need to laugh, but have never given much thought to why or what makes me do so When our daughters where growing up, we watched the Jeeves and Wooster series with them repeatedly They were family favorites despite being formulaic and predicable, made even so through repetitive viewings Reading the actual Wodehouse books now, I see they are even better than the film series Several audio versions I have listened to recently enhance the experience due to expert readers.
In Summer Lightning, Wodehouse really sizzles All his characters crackle with the energy of a summer electric storm and there are plenty of interesting personalities for collectors of that sort dotty old Lord Elmsworth devoted Sue Brown sometimes of another alias pimply Pilbeam Reminiscences writing Honorable Galahad Threepwood, or Gally the Efficient Baxter dying for a dance Hugo Carmody and the infamous kidnapped Empress of Blandings none other than a pig, to name a few Wodehouse disclaims writing about real life , preferring to poke fun at it at us I admit it I can see myself in his stories And really when you get right down to it, is there anything funnier than one s own idiosyncrasies I m only as reliable as Lord Emsworth when it comes to judging which among Wodehouses s numbers is his best, but I believe this one is right up there among his finest As if Lord Emsworth, Hon Galahad and the efficient Baxter weren t enough material, there were atleast a dozen other weapons of mass amusement that were thrown in for good measure, on the whole building up enough ammunition to take eons of pent up stress to the cleaners.
Even like A Midsummer Night s Dream fortified with extra McGuffins than all the other Wodehouses I ve read so far Would not be surprised if that was the intention here.
It seems my enjoyment of the Blandings stories is partly dependent on the characters of the usually young people staying at the house and causing havoc Something Fresh remains my favourite of the novels so far because I liked Ashe and Joan so much nor was anyone else notably objectionable Ronald Overbury Fish, however, is an utter arse Given his name, I was rather tempted to use the other word, making a bad taste pun that one is really not supposed to but it would be rather out of keeping with Wodehouse, never mind potentially attract irate commenters for no worthwhile reason Besides, in the peculiar unspoken gradations of meaning attached to swearwords, I m not sure it quite suits him But yes, Ronnie Fish has no notable redeeming qualities, is lazy, violent, dishonest, unattractive, and above all has a serious jealousy problem that meant I was sincerely hoping he did not get married in the end I thought this was probably irredeemable in 1929, when Freud hadn t so much as arrived in London yet, and a world in which young men usually possessed of a crust of calm detachment from all human emotion, built up by years of Eton and Cambridge would even consider therapy was many decades away His ex girlfriend travels hundreds of miles to his house, uninvited, after being dumped, whilst pretending to be someone else which is really not on either, but otherwise she basically is a likeable and civilised individual, if deluded in wanting to marry this awful man, whose relatives have the decency to warn her His cousin Millicent is worryingly jealous too, but I found her likeable otherwise it was her reading Schopenhauer whilst broken hearted that sealed it and at least she displays no inclination to fly off the handle and punch people.
I am relieved to see that Ronnie does not appear in many other books In the second half he was mostly off screen which made the rest enjoyable, with a return of the feelings of warmth and cosiness and good humour that are the point of these books Still, I was increasingly dismayed by the misunderstanding and mistrust heaped on poor Baxter I suspect, that rather like my tendency to feel sorry for Basil Fawlty and hope he would win occasionally, one isn t supposed to feel this way Regardless, I do have some strange affection for the rest of the regulars, in whom attributes that would surely be trying in person somehow become loveable eccentricities on the page, and the idyllic setting is undoubtedly a character in itself I would love a Blandings autumn or winter though Wodehouse clearly loved his endless summers, but having got through several in succession, as a fan of the colder, darkening months perhaps such people did not exist in draughty castles of the pre central heating era I am starting to find these summers like my equivalent of the Narnian winter The object of all good literature is to purge the soul of its petty troubles191 The essence of Wodehouse as described by the man himself.

The Blandings Castle books are often overshadowed by the popular Jeeves and Wooster series, but deserve a visit in their own right As is true of most Wodehouse, the zaniest of machinations fail, then succeed, true love wins in the end, and the aristocracy bumble their way through life saved only by the wisdom from the service class Very enjoyable characters and strong writing throughout Very, very funny.
Cu personaje i intrigi dense i colorate, fir epic bogat i mult dialog, acest volum scris aproape n ntregime n manier dramaturgic mi a dat senza ia, nc de la prima pagin , c l citesc pe Moliere.
Lectur u oar i amuzant , ideal pentru vacan De citit i celelalte volume din serie.
I needed a diversion for a couple of days from the national tragedy that is unfolding before our eyes and figured some Wodehouse would help.
Sir Galahad Threepwood is writing his Reminiscences, much to the horror of his sister, Lady Constance Keeble As she tells her strangely sinister sycophant Rupert Baxter, the former hated private secretary to her pig obsessed brother Clarence, Lord Emsworth, she must get her hands on Gally s manuscript because it is full from beginning to end of libelous anecdotes, Mr Baxter About all our best friends If it is published we shall not have a friend left Galahad seems to have known everybody in England when they were young and foolish, and to remember everything particularly foolish and disgraceful that they ever did Will Galahad s nephew, the obsessively jealous Ronnie Fish, be able to hide Sue Brown s past as a laid off chorus girl and the fact that her mother was once the rage of London s cabaret nightlife Will Ronnie be able to convince Clarence to give him some of his trust fund to afford marriage Will his best friend and partner in a recently failed London nightclub, Hugo Carmody, succeed in his new role as Clarence s assistant and successfully woo Millicent Threepwood, Clarence s niece, even as Constance strongly disapproves When Clarence s prized pig the Empress of Blandings goes missing, his rival for the title of Shropshire s Agricultural Show fattest pig competition, Sir Gregory Parsloe Parsloe, seems the most obvious suspect Sir Gregory also fears the consequences that will come with the publication of Galahad s book He enlists the slimy private detective, Percy Pilbeam, who has an infatuation with Sue Brown, to steal it for him Pilbeam will investigate the missing pig as a ruse to join the human menagerie clustered at Blandings Castle In the meantime, the odious Baxter schemes to get his hands on the manuscript and get his job back, despite Clarence s objections, through Lady Constance s patronage How will the tensions about love, a pig, a book, and the turmoil they create be solved For those uninitiated to P.
G Wodehouse s universe, he may well be the greatest comedic writer in the English language The prose of Summer Lightening is at its sharpest and the laughs never relent Although there were a few books at the time of its publication with the same title, this one fulfills Wodehouse s modest hope that this story will be considered worthy of inclusion in the list of the Hundred Best books Called Summer Lightening It certainly is.
With all the horrendous noise coming out of Washington these days, I have a feeling I ll be revisiting Wodehouse a few times this year Escapism may never have been as therapeutic as it is now.
For less than the price of a cup of English tea Each book that PG writes, proffers hours and hours of delightful entertainment.
This accomplished and sophisticated writer always delivers.
Highbrow, erudite comedic writing is difficult to summit even once.
And yet, Mr Wodehouse is a singular Sherpa in this vocation.
A tip of my bowler to you, again, sir.
The Honourable Galahad Threepwood Has Decided To Write His Memoir A Tell All That Could Destroy Polite Society Everyone Wants This Manuscript Gone, Particularly Lord Emsworth S Neighbor Sir Gregory Parsloe Parsloe, Who Would Do Anything To Keep The Story Of The Prawns Buried In The Past But The Memoir Isn T The Only Problem A Chorus Girl Disguised As An Heiress, A Double Dealing Detective, A Stolen Prize Winning Sow, And A Crazy Ex Secretary Are Only A Few Of The Complications That Must Be Dealt With Before Everyone Can Have Their Happy Ending