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[Juliette Fay] À Shelter Me [brewing PDF] Ebook Epub Download Û This book is so amazing, especially since the author, Juliette Fay, admits she s never been widowed and that this book stemmed from her obsessive fear of losing her husband at a young age In my case, this book was like looking in a mirror There were times when I had to put it down and walk away as my sobbing disrupted my young daughter s play Fay really reaches into that deep, dark place we widows walk daily in her beautiful yet flawed character The young widow s attitudes, anger, restentment, and inability to suffer fools lightly after the sudden death of her young husband is so profoundly accurate My hope is that when people read this book, they will think about their own loved ones and how blessed they truly are.
I absolutely loved this book.
This is a story about a young widow left to raise two young children after the tragic death of her husband He leaves behind a request to have a porch built on their house, a porch that will provide shelter for his family There have been some discussions about the cover of the book When I look at the cover I see a mother and her child wrapped in a patchwork quilt Each patch represents an event, a memory, and a person that has provided some sort of assistance to Janie to help her patch up her life The vacant field represents for Janie and her family an opportunity to start anew A blank canvas if you will All the while keeping the shelter of the porch overhead symbolizing Robby watching from above and the quilt on their backs to be a constant reminder of the past, that which has made them stronger.
Story about a woman who lost her husband in a bicycle accident, and how she must learn to carry on, with her young son and baby daughter Of course she s mad, and doesn t want to get up in the morning, that s expected This is about her friendships and how they eventually bring her out of the worst of the grieving period.
I didn t like this nearly as well as the others who have already reviewed it Seemed like so much of it was drivel, not important to the story Just boring parts Maybe it was just my mood while reading it, but it was actually a pretty good story, but could have been said in many less pages.

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comThis is a new author to me and one that I will definitely be readingof in the future This book was truly a great read I enjoyed how the author went between entries of Janie s journal and then back to the story I loved Janie s character and even loved her when she would get pissed off and throw a fit She misses her husband so much that she is drowning in the day to day monotony of life With the help of her cousin and aunt, plus a few other characters you will get to know, she manages to hold on and make it through that first year of grieving I found myself rooting for her, wanting her life to be good, wanting her to heal and to start enjoying the life she now had, one without her beloved husband Robby Her oldest child, Dylan, will make you laugh, smile, and tug at your heartstrings Fay has captured an old soul with this precious character An added bonus to this book is an outstanding Author Insights QA, recipes very cool , questions for discussions for a book club this would make for a fantastic book club read and a funny story about how this book ended up all over I 89 in Vermont If you re looking for a good book with a heartfelt story then I would totally recommend this to you.
Warning there are some minor spoilers.
5 stars Mom of two young kids deals with her newly widowed status Takes place in Massachusetts, with scenes on the Cape, a hallmark of women s fiction You have to have a beach house somewhere, right There are some lovely, real, and raw scenes and it s easy to root for the main character She is winsome and flawed and completely believable I enjoyed her relationship with her Aunt Jude side note there are a lot of names starting with J in this book The religious aspect is also handled nicely and this is coming from someone who is not religious at all Though some of the religious imagery is a bit heavy handed carpenters anyone However, the major piece of the religion storyline was unnecessary and downright annoying not believable This storyline totally dissipates about midway through and then there s like a paragraph of closure at the end Very, very weird And I did not buy the romance, not one bit It s like she finds out he likes her and is all into it, but not before Her weirdness when they do get involved is well written, though, given her grief I also thought Janie s journal entries were superfluous They add nothing to the story as it was told in very close third person Most the time the entries recapped what already went on I didn t understand the point There are also a ton of extraneous characters nosy neighbors and other peoples kids and lecherous divorcees and autistic family members and absentee mothers and cousins girlfriends and homeless people, to name a few that really bogged down the plot.
All in, though there were flashes of brilliance and this plot has a lot of heart, it was pack with too many things that didn t make up the story.
A widow with two small children learns about herself, her family and rediscovers love At first I groaned another book that I picked up focused on a woman whose husband died, then as I got in to it I began to like the character She is a Catholic woman who is really prickly, begins to fall in love with her priest and then falls for the guy who was predictable from the beginning the carpenter another bibilical reference who keeps adding work on the construction project to be near her That was clear set up from the beginning Both of these books in the last 2 days were so similar religious widow who finds love again So highly unrealistic as if lovely, dedicated men are hanging all over the place just waiting for the right woman I will admit that I began reading this book assuming I wouldn t like it Fay is one of my mother s good friends, and it s hard to imagine someone you know having the creativity and intelligence to publish a full length novel, let alone a GOOD full length novel This book is also a genre I would not normally pick up enjoy.
But read it I did, and to my surprise, I really enjoyed it I couldn t put the book down once I started I had to find out what happened to the characters whom I quickly grew to love Even though the situations in the book aren t ones I could immediately relate to, I found myself emotionally invested in their outcome The story didn t leave me for some time, occupying my thoughts for several days a hallmark of a well written book, in my opinion.
So yes, I do recommend reading this book.
In The Tradition Of Marisa De Los Santos And Anne Tyler Comes A Moving Debut About A Young Mother S Year Of Heartbreak, Loss, And Forgivenessand Help That Arrives From Unexpected SourcesFour Months After Her Husband S Death, Janie LaMarche Remains Undone By Grief And Anger Her Mourning Is Disrupted, However, By The Unexpected Arrival Of A Builder With A Contract To Add A Porch Onto Her House Stunned, Janie Realizes The Porch Was Meant To Be A Surprise From Her Husband Now His Last Gift To HerAs She Reluctantly Allows Construction To Begin, Janie Clings To The Familiar Outposts Of Her Sorrow Mothering Her Two Small Children With Fierce Protectiveness, Avoiding Friends And Family, And Stewing In A Rage She Can T Release Yet Janie S Self Imposed Isolation Is Breached By A Cast Of Unlikely Interventionists Her Chattering, Ipecac Toting Aunt Her Bossy, Over Manicured Neighbor Her Muffin Bearing Cousin And Even Tug, The Contractor With A Private Grief All His OwnAs The Porch Takes Shape, Janie Discovers That The Unknowable Terrain Of The Future Is Best Navigated With The Help Of Others Even Those We Least Expect To Call On, Much Less Learn To Love I hesitate to given this three stars without explaining that I think that three stars is a decent rating The main character is a young woman with two children widowed suddently The novel takes you through the first year following her husband s accident and all of her emotional adjustment and angst I found myself somewhat annoyed with her at times because of her insular approach to things, not realizing how her behavior and emotions might be affecting those around her simply trying to understand and to help I guess she just continued to be shocked each day by the fact that, regardless of how much people want to help, there is no way around the pain only through it She seems to make some pretty tough judgements about others That said, I found myself caring about the characters and would read another book by this author.
This is the perfect take me away book Fay s easy to read prose allows the reader to immediately identify with her main character Without spoiling the plot, this tale of a grieving single mom, will make even the greatest cynic into a romantic I loved the characters, setting, and recipes A book with food Yum