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This book is about confusion the confusion of the Londoners as a comet approached the city closer and closer in the middle of the 18th century the confusion of Sabian Blake, who knewabout the sky dragon, thanks to a dangerous book of secret knowledge sent to him by a mysterious person And the readers are supposed to be confused too characters appearing suddenly from alleyways, doing their own things, seemingly unconnected with the other events in the book, and then fleeting away as if they don t have anything to do any with the plot, and then appearing again under disguises, to the point that I wonder just who is the main character actually.
Yes, it s a maze, or perhaps since a maze is supposed to make people get lost while a labyrinth is not a labyrinth that will finally lead us to an exit, where finally we have enough light to make sense of everything.
At the beginning, the book was pretty blatant though, describing the protagonist Blake as a scientist and a Cabalist right on the first page, instead of letting us find it out gradually This rather spoils the fun of getting the truth about our hero for lack of a better word it s as if he is just thrown to our face and we just have to digest the fact that he is everything as he is described.
After a few chapters, the book begins to take pace, and that s when everything gets really exciting, with creatures lying in the dark ready to leap at you, and the world sliding into disgrace, to be conquered by a harlot.
Enticingly, menacingly dark, and violent but not vulgar, the book is a fascinating blend of history, science, religion, and magic, although I wish Blake s status as a scientist Cabalist could have helped himIn this book, he was justlike a pawn, a lost sheep struggling with his science only to know that there were thingsbeyond his grasp and how it hurt his pride so much to find out that what he had thought as things he d done by his profane human might were actually some kind of divine help Instead of just swinging his swords now and then, it would bein line with his character if he used some scientific or esoteric knowledge he had to at least save himself Something like, say, Horatio Lyle would do.
What some readers may be concerned about Wormwood is the lack of morality shown by the characters, although this poses no problem for me They gave out to temptation, greed and anger nobody, even Blake with his conscience to try and save Londoners, is squeaky, glitteringly clean or innocent Abram Rickards surely lacked morality, laughing while stuffing exploding crystals into the stink hole of a beastly creature but, for what he was, that s just what was expected of him And that is what makes him memorable.
A precious addition to the bookshelves of people who love fantasy.
InLondon, Agetta Lamian Fears The End Of The World Is Near She S The Housemaid Of Dr Sabian Blake, Who Recently Acquired A Legendary Book Said To Unlock The Secrets Of The Universe, And Overhears His Prediction That A Comet Called Wormwood Is Headed Toward London This was an absurd tale, difficult to plod through Some of the descriptive language is excellent hence the 3 stars but the premise is so weak I hated reading it but had to force myself to finish It is Christian lit set up to rival Harry Potter and it does a very poor job If anything I feel the GP Taylor books areanti religious than any of the HP series There is a huge build up to the climactic battle at the end but then it s over inside one paragraph like some afterthought The years since my reading it haven t lessened the damage Taylor s story redeemed itself in the last hundred pages, but his story telling was juvenile at best Having said that, I now note the book s back cover categorizes Wormwood as Youth Teen Fiction As such, I d cut itslack, though writers shouldn t be given a bye because they write for youth or children If anything, the standards for those markets should beexacting The book opens with a lot of over wrought fantasy about skyquakes and skydragons Supposedly educated Englishmen early eighteenth century say things like, an earthquake of such significance that it altered time The cacaphony of sleep and became increasingly aware were a couple phrases I chortled over The characters are not engaging I suspected Agetta was the protagonist who cared what happened to Blake , but didn t particularly care what happened to her until well after the middle of the book.
Having allowed his enlightened characters to preach early in the book, Taylor lets the other side preach later Still, sentences like the following come off as sermons Give a man a secret, write it in some ancient language and bind it in an old book Then tell him it is from another world and if used in the right way will bring him wealth and power written by the greatest liar of them all All theso since Dan Brown has proved it s true We learn of angels that stripped him of every feather and took away his power I guess if it worked for Samson.
Generally I like books with maps The exception, however, is when the map doesn t match the story as it doesn t in Wormwood.
In sum, not a complete waste of time, but disappointing considering the buzz Shadowmancer received.
So this Blake guy has a creepy old book that everyone thinks is a myth.
Well, it s not He has cracked the code and discovered that something terrible is going to come from the skies and cause chaos.
hmmmmm, OK.
It turns out to be a COMET, which may or may not hit LONDON Fair enough.
We get a little insight into the life of Blake s housekeeper who meets some sort of WITCH for some reason not quite sure STICK WITH ITA few brief moments of intriguing guff which you keep in the back of your mind knowing you will need it later and all will make some sort of sense.
you hopeWe get GHOSTS with skeleton faces with snakes in them FLOATING orbs for some reason Grave robbing Yeah, why not More floating things.
ETCYou begin to daydream You imagine that COMET falling from the sky and KILLING BLAKE Maybe it kills the housekeeper too Infact, maybe it kills everyone in the BOOK so it ends and you can carry on doing the good things in life like watching TV or sleeping on the SOFA and drinking cold coffee when you wake up wondering what time it is and where you are Sounds like a plan The back of the book doesn t do this novel justice I bought it because it was a dollar, and I really didn t want to read it, but I needed to spend another dollar to get free shipping This book is phenomenal It is fast paced and has tons of twists and turns What the back of the book doesn t tell you is this is about the end of the world, angels, demons, and witchcraft If I had known that, I would have picked it up right away Disregard that this book takes place in the 1700s, especially if you aren t into that time period The book is wonderfully written, and it s not drawn out and drab like most books taking place in the 1700s.
Upon completion of the novel, I found out that Wormwood was actually the second book in a four book series I m ecstatic because, while Wormwood can stand alone, I now have other books in the series to read, such as the prequel Shadowmancer book 1 , and the sequels Tiresias book 3 , and The Shadowmancer Returns book 4 I will be picking these books up after I finish my to read list and have a free moment so it may be a while, but I m excited nonetheless To see my full review I spent most of the book trying to decide if I liked it or not Very interesting Well written But odd By the time I finished it, though, I decided I did like it An intriguing read, though a bit difficult to get into.

I loved this book i was very frustrated when i read the reviews here that said this book was crazy and didn t make sense this book is about the end of the world and is a Christian book and i m pretty sure a lot of people didn t see or didn t acknowledge that.
What a nightmare.
As I started to read the book, I had this ominous feeling that I am going to regret it Guess what I did BIG TIME I am telling the honest to goodness truth when I say that this is, by far, the WORST BOOK I HAVE EVER read IN MY ENTIRE LIFE.
But it seems that I am fated to encounter this worm eaten book As fate would have it, this is the only book that I found in our house that I have not yet read.
I have this constant headache while I am reading the book Totally tepid plot Amazingly boring characters I found no emotional attachment to ANY of the characters They could all die for all I care One is not given a clear idea of where a character really belongs in the order of things If I may quote Kara DioGuargi s fave line, Who are you Well, that would be the question that I would ask very single one of those stupid underdeveloped characters.
I do wonder if the author has any idea of what is going on in the story There is just no unity in all the little plots that he tossed in the major plot Well, one decent thing that came out of this horrifying experience would be that I finally learned to check the reviews first before reading a book Saves you time Saves you from headache.