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[ Pdf Uneasy Money ↠´ world-war-ii PDF ] by P.G. Wodehouse ↠´ Uneasy Money is one of my least favorite P.
G Wodehouse book in the history of me reading P.
G Wodehouse books The characters are flat The writer s trademark humor is almost completely absent The story is boring.
This rags to riches, boy meets girl tale unnecessarily drags on at a languid pace The premise is ridiculous, yet not ridiculous enough to be funny Unlikely romances in which the rich guy falls for the poor girl were all the rage in the early 1900s, so I m led to understand, and this is another one of them More s the pity.
However, it s still written with an apt hand Again, I m led to believe this dime a dozen genre of romance often had less than a nickel s worth of quality imbued within its prose So, the best I can say for Uneasy Money is that the words are all there, in the right order with a proper beginning, middle and end It s just, the end couldn t come fast enough for me.
I did a little research, checked out his bibliography and such, and I feel confident in saying that in future I should steer clear of any pre 1920s Wodehouse That s all right, since the man wrote steadily into the 1970s I once saw an interview with him in which the interviewer asked how many books he d written He said something to the effect that he d written a book a year all his life, and since he was 84 he guessed he d written 84 books It was like something out of the mouth of Bertie Wooster.
Lord Dawlish Bill is an easy going, generous, and financially destitute member of England s aristocracy His financial deficiencies don t really bother him as he has just enough to meet his modest life s needs Claire, his fianc e, isn t so tolerant of his pecuniary circumstances and refuses to set a date for their wedding until he improves this state of affairs He hits upon the idea of travelling to America, as he had heard that fortunes were there for the taking Before his departure he receives surprising and slightly unsettling news from the firm of Nichols, Nichols, Nichols and Nichols, attorneys at law He has been named beneficiary of a million pound legacy belonging to a man he barely knew On discovering that this inheritance excludes the niece and nephew the deceased only living relatives his conscience rebels and he decides that he should split the money with the niece Bill travels to New York on a quest to search for this girl and do right by her This is a classic story with all the elements, humor, love and suspense I particularly recommend this book to those both male and female who are on the brink of entering into matrimony, as it may shed a little light on this life changing commitment On further consideration, it is sure to be food for thought for everyone who reads it This wise food is sure to fill the masses.
Others have commented on the plot so I will comment on aspects of this novel that I enjoy I love books where the main characters are decent and good people, and you cannot find decent individuals than the hero and heroine of this book It is also so refreshing to read a story where a woman can be strong in her femininity and a man in his masculinity, without either trying to take the roll of the other Both Bill Lord Dawlish and Elizabeth Boyd are well portrayed and a joy to read about This is one of my all time favorite Wodehouse novels.

Well done, Plum I m so happy I finally discovered Wodehouse I have never read books published over 100 years ago that are so accessible and not dated at all Sometimes even timely I mean Why, he would have a pistol, wouldn t he I thought everybody had over here Except for what he had been able to observe during the brief period of his present visit, Lord Dawlish s knowledge of the United States had been derived from the American plays which he had seen in London, and in these chappies were producing revolvers all the time He had got the impression that a revolver was as much a part of the ordinary well dressed man s equipment in the United States as a collar 1916, ladies and gentlemen Change plays to movies and chappies to guys and it could have been written in 2016 Anyway, funny little rom com for some light reading The usual misunderstandings and complications Highly enjoyable.
BTW, many, if not most, of Wodehouse s books are free for Kindle This early Wodehouse is a humorous story about Lord Dawlish Bill , his actress first fiancee Claire, and how how he finds his true love Bill is loveable, sympathetic, and generous His fiance won t marry him until he gets money and encourages him to do things to get money which aren t in Bill s character When he is told he has inherited a huge sum of money from a man he met once and cured of his golf slice, he tries to give the previous heir Elizabeth Boyd half the money When she refuses, he goes to New York under an assumed name to see what he can do Although he doesn t know it, his fiance has also gone to New York to visit an old friend and becomes engaged to a rich automobile maker, Dudley Pickering Of course with both in NY, they can t help but see each other There are several memorable scenes including Bill dancing in a NY restaurant, Dudley playing detective, and Elizabeth trying to get Bill stung by bees.
Though less hysterical than some other Wodehouse novels, this was thoroughly captivating and delightful It wouldn t be Wodehouse without a case of concealed identity and zany coincidences than one can count And just when you think the plot couldn t get any ridiculous, someone goes and shoots a monkey in an outhouse in the dark But the romance in the second half is what really gives this tale heart It s sweet, whimsical, and authentic just the kind I like.
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G Wodehouse Is Now On Our Website And You Can Download It By Register What Are You Waiting For Please read And Make A Refission For You He s known for his Jeeves series, but seriously, his novels rock The new characters keep them from being to formula driven And there are so many memorable lines My favorite quotation Boyhood, like measles, is one of those complaints which a man should catch young and have done with, for when it comes in middle life it is apt to be serious Does it get better than that