ß The Poky Little Puppy ☆ Download by ï Janette Sebring Lowrey

ß The Poky Little Puppy ☆ Download by ï Janette Sebring Lowrey One Of The original Little Golden books, The Poky Little Puppy Has Sold Nearly Million Copies Since , Making It One Of The Most Popular Children S books Of All Time Now This Curious Little Puppy Is Ready To Win The Hearts And Minds Of A New Generation Of KidsBook Details Format Hardcover Publication Date Pages Reading Level Age And Up The book is a cute as ever Still a classic Preschool age.
This is a Grandma Book.
If you are someone s Nana, it is perfectly acceptable for you to force your grandchildren to listen to this inane story Unless, perhaps, you want your grandkids to actually like you.
If so, you need to reconsider this classic.
It s awful It reads like a Dick and Jane bookminus all the exciting parts that Dick and Jane books are so famous for.
The only way a kid would willingly sit through this is if they are eitherA Too young to crawl awayOrB Have only been allowed to watch PBSThe dog is slow and Pokey.
The End.
Deceptively simple, it allows the reader to fall into the trap of believing that the one who lags behind ALWAYS gets the dessert There s a twist here, though The worldbuilding was pretty fantastic, with a god like creature that keeps sending signs to all the anthropomorphic creatures that romp about, giving and taking away favours all willy nilly, almost as if it was attempting to teach all the characters a very important lesson.
I honestly thought the message was taking over the story a bit too much, though, and the clarity of the story made me question my own value system Finally, it s a YA novel that changed my life I will Never, Ever dig holes under the fence, EVER AGAIN.
At least there are no sparkly vampires, so I didn t get TOO scared Plus, I didn t like any of those deserts And the wild, wild world scares me.
Maybe this book is too racy for me.
I remember this being one of myfavoritebooks that I read when I was a kid A disturbing tale about bestiality Just kidding.
When The Poky Little Puppy was published in 1942, World War II had been raging for several years, and after knocking at America s door, had finally entered Pearl Harbor, the Nazis, the Holocaust, bombs and death, and destruction In 1942, it wasn t immediately apparent that the good guys were even going to win the war I bet if you were a little boy or little girl in 1942, then this story about five naughty little puppies was a much needed escape into a world without war The worst thing that happened in The Poky Little Puppy was some holes under the fence and getting sent to bed without any dessert It s been touted as the best selling picture book of all time, still in print, and there s a reason for that Because in this world today, with war and terrorism and pollution and global warming, it s a much needed escape into a soft colored world in which the worst thing that can possibly happen is a hole under the fence that can be stopped by a big sign.
Tonight this was a reread for my niece Still cute as ever Preschool age.
5 ADORABLE sThis book was so stinking adorable I love the illustrations, they are so amazing It sure was a favorite of mine when I was a kid Definitely a good one to read I love sharing all my favorites with my little niece s The Poky Little Puppy is one that s really enjoyable to read over and over.
This was one of the books that sparked my love of readingI ve recommended it and given it as a gift countless times.