Ù The Mitten Ô Download by è Jan Brett

Ù The Mitten Ô Download by è Jan Brett Splendid, highly detailed illustrations I don t know about the story something like six animals all crowd into a single mitten I wasn t born yesterday I was born six weeks ago But Mom says it s just fun and whimsical and sometimes with books we have to suspend our disbelief and use our imaginations Fair enough M To be honest, I felt little enthusiasm for reading this book, but it s one of six books for the Children s books group s Picture books Club December winter themed books, so I read it.
I m so glad that I did It s delightful I loved all the animals, the boy and his grandmother, their house, the snowy outdoors, and most of all, the humor The illustrations are very appealing I loved the animals and I enjoyed all the detail in each picture, and the mini pictures that reveal what is about to happen on the next page.
This would make a fun read aloud for groups of children or one to one Comforting and funny and a great twist ending that listeners readers will relish.
Reading a Jan Brett novel is like being wrapped in a warm blanket on a cold night in front of a fire with cocoa in hand Tonight both kids were interested in the book Who can resist looking at those panels on the side and all the details of the book The hands and faces of the people are incredible.
Both kids gave the book 5 stars It was a great story they said.
The story is a Ukrainian folk tale and in the intro Jan talks about the stork nest on the roof is a sign of good luck This is about a white mitten that is lost in the snow and the animals in the forest It is humorous.
Jan Brett s The Mitten is according to her informative author s note a combination, an original fusion of several similar Ukrainian folktales in some of these versions, a group of shivering, cold animals find refuge in a discarded pot, whilst in others, it is a huntsman s lost mitten providing shelter, who then unfortunately also starts shooting at the animals inhabiting his mitten when he goes out into the forest looking for it and discovers that it has become a winter den for a variety of fauna But while I have indeed and oh so much enjoyed reading about the genesis of Jan Brett s personal version, of her The Mitten, I do kind of wish that instead of just telling us showing readers how she used several different Ukrainian folktale versions of The Mitten story and why she chose to include and not include various aspects such as the fact that she obviously did not want to write a story where someone actually ends up shooting at the sheltering animals , Jan Brett had also listed the specific and actual titles and literary sources of the tales of which she had made use to create her own adapted and retold version of The Mitten.
However, my minor quibbles that there is no list of specific tale sources and titles quite notwithstanding, both textually and illustratively, The Mitten is indeed truly magical, sweetly entertaining and yes, even gently humorous with a rabbit, a mole, a European hedgehog, an owl, a badger, a fox and a bear sharing the warmth of young Nicki s lost white mitten, stretching and restretching it, until finally a diminutive mouse makes the bear sneeze, dislodging all of the animals in one twirling swoop A fun and cumulative tale is The Mitten, and as such perfect for an entertaining read aloud especially in winter , with accompanying illustrations that both realistically and imaginatively present and and show a heavy and snowy Ukrainian winter in all its white glory, as well as the diverse animals that one by one find refuge, shelter and warmth in Nicki s mitten.
The illustrations in this adorable story are ridiculously great This book is currently on my 4 year old s top 10 list.

The Mitten was a retelling of a Ukrainian winter Folktale I read this one to my little girl who enjoyed the animals and the snow I enjoyed the illustrations than the folktale itself I thought it was a creative touch to add The Mitten windows which allowed you to catch a glimpse of what was going on inside or outside of the cottage Although not a Christmas tale, the colors chosen to create the illustration definitely reminded me of Christmas.
The story is cute a lost glove and animals of all shapes and sizes seeking refuge from the cold.
This is another Picture Book Club read found here I have read many folktales from around the world, but this is the first time that I have read a folktale from Ukraine The Mitten is a Ukrainian folktale retold by Jan Brett and it is about how a young boy named Nicki loses his mitten in the snow and his lost mitten soon becomes a host to a great number of forest animals The Mitten is easily one of the cutest and most beautiful folktales ever told for children Jan Brett has certainly outdone herself in this book as she beautifully writes and illustrates this cute Ukrainian folktale Jan Brett makes this folktale extremely cute and hilarious at the same time as the animals of the forest all try to get inside a small mitten to stay warm for the winter and I have to say that at first this story sounded a bit too strange because I was wondering to myself about how can all those animals fit into one small mitten But, hey, it is a folktale, right And many folktales were pretty surreal, but that is what made these kinds of stories cult classics in my eyes Jan Brett has also done a great job at illustrating this book as the illustrations are realistic and beautiful I loved the way that Jan Brett illustrates the snow covering the forest and you can see the snow hanging off the trees in the forest But, the image that stood out the most for me was the image of all the animals trying to snuggle up inside The Mitten, which kept on getting bigger and bigger as animals came in man, Baba s stitching must have been really strong The Mitten is clearly one of those folktales that children will easily laugh along with if they love strange folktales about animals getting into one small mitten This is surely one of the most imaginative and adorable folktales I have ever read and I am sure that many children will easily enjoy it as much as I have I would recommend this book to children ages four and up since there is nothing inappropriate in this book that would cause parents to worry.
This is the first Jan Brett book I ever read, and not only did I enjoy the story, but the illustrations absolutely captivated me When I use this in story time now, I have the kids anticipate what will appear on the next page by looking at the sub story occurring in the side boxes on each page While Alvin Tresselt did the earliest picture book version of this Ukrainian folktale that I know of, Jan Brett s is better known because of her beautiful illustrations A perfect winter readaloud, and highly recommended 5 Beautifully Perfect sOh, I LOVE The Mitten book This book has always been a favorite of mine especially when I was a kid It is such a delightful read The Mitten is a Ukrainian folktale retold by Jan Brett It s about a young boy named Nicki, who loses his mitten in the snow and his lost mitten becomes a host to a lot of different forest animals I love all the animals, the little boy, and his grandma and the snowy outdoors It s the perfect book to read during the winter seasons I also really enjoyed all the humor The illustrations are just amazing and the animals are so adorable and each photo is very detailed This book is super fun to read aloud It s cute and funny and the ending is perfect I will forever own this beautiful book too When Nicki Drops His White Mitten In The Snow, He Goes On Without Realizing That It Is MissingOne By One, Woodland Animals Find It And Crawl In First, A Curious Mole, Then A Rabbit, A Badger And Others, Each One Larger Than The Last Finally, A Big Brown Bear Is Followed In By A Tiny Brown Mouse And What Happens Next Makes For A Wonderfully Funny ClimaxAs The Story Of The Animals In The Mitten Unfolds, The Reader Can See Nicki In The Boarders Of Each Page, Walking Through The Woods Unaware Of What Is Going OnOnce Again Jan Brett Has Created A Dramatic And Beautiful Picture Book In Her Distinctive Style She Brings The Animals To Life With Warmth And Humor, And Her Illustrations Are Full Of Visual Delights And Details Faithful To The Ukrainian Tradition From Which The Story Comes