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[ Read Online The Mercy of Thin Air À alexandria PDF ] by Ronlyn Domingue ¼ Razi, the narrator and protagonist of The Mercy of Thin Air, is dead The story moves back and forth between memories of her life before she drowns in the late 1920s and her observations on the present, over seventy five years later, where she lives between life and death In common parlance, Razi is a ghost she has no physical form, but she can see, hear, and smell everything around her in the living world, as well as moving objects and herself telekinetically.
At the beginning of the novel, Razi takes up residence with a young couple, Scott and Amy, by following a bookcase she knows from her life move from an estate sale into their home As Scott and Amy s story unfolds in the present, so do Razi s memories of what happened between her and her fianc , Andrew, in the years before her death Slowly, the connection between Razi s past and her present become clear both to her and to the reader.
The Mercy of Thin Air is a good book It s a bit reminiscent of The Time Traveler s Wife by Audrey Niffenegger, which I loved and, I m told, Alice Seibold s The Lovely Bones , in subject matter and in its deft navigation of the line between being a believable love story and just being goopy It s a book about the supernatural in which the supernatural is not the point, and I like that It s a quick, easy read took me two days , good for a plane, the beach, or before bed down time Not something I d recommend a chapter a night approach to, though, as I found it very difficult to put down.
The Mercy of Thin Air is Ronlyn Domingue s first novel.
I really wasnt expecting to like this book The premise reminded me of The Lovely Bones which I didnt really enjoy However it was very entertaining My only complaint was that I found it challenging at times to change from past to present The writing for the most part, was lovely The characters were interesting and the story was intriguing and emotional I am very glad I picked up this book at a sale.
Razi love that name a young woman who meets an untimely death, has never been a rule follower She has bucked the traditional all her young life,studying with the intent of becoming a physician, distributing birth control information to women when it was not just unnatural but illegal A true free spirit.
And madly in love with her soul mate Andrew So when she finds herself dead after a freak accident,she again makes the unconventional decision to not move on to her forever afterlife, but to remain in between The years roll on and she has made a life for herself and even mad friends with some like minded souls.
But she is always looking for Andrew, unsure of what became of him She latches onto a young couple,Scott and Amy She sees something familiar in them And she sees what they do not immediately That they are embarking on a slow inexorable drift away from one another.
Can that drift be arrested, turned back And can Razi ever find what became of her one true love This is not a book for the linear thinker The story line meanders to and fro,hither,thither and yon.
If you love complex puzzles this book is for you And if you are open to all the possibilities, you will be rewarded.
The language is sensual,the characters complex,and the timing at times too slow, too fast and occasionally just right.
It was truly an experience to read.
Just finished I am crying It was so beautiful So heartbreaking So deep.
It has been a while I have liked a book as much as I have liked this one While trying to decide if I want to read Fifty Shades Of Gray I will most likely not and trying to make up my mind if I even like love stories at all after reading this book I have realized my problems are not with love stories, but with cheap and trashy love stories There are so many of them that sometimes I feel like they even want to trick the readers and appear to have some literary value while they do not Constantly researching good books to read I almost feel like I have to watch out not to be sucked in Twilights and Fifty Shades.
I was reading the review of another book, which I don t even remember what it was, but I know that book was also written from the point of view of a character who is dead, the reviewer compared the two and was talking in superlatives about The Mercy of Thin Air how correct he was I don t mind any topics really, though I don t rush to the bookstore to buy the latest vampire story or time travel story, but I will read them if I think they will be worth it other than the subject matter So I was with reading a book from the point of view of a dead girl It was poetic, it was sexy yes, there were some sex scenes, not many, very tasteful , and it was smart It was about women, especially women s movement in the 20 s, but it was also about men, men with souls and real feelings And yes there was even a twist in it a little mystery I was impressed how it was all pulled together with thoughts and ideas that I didn t think earlier in the book to be important nicely linked back to the end or the beginning All through the book I was thinking, beautiful, I can t have enough, but she is going to screw it up at the endor soon definitely at the end and she didn tIt also helped that I loved the characters I would love to be like Razi, maybe I am a little bit and oh yes I would like to find a guy like Andrew even though I am a happy single girl I loved their strength, the way they communicated original, funny, smart, tolerant and radical at the same time and the rest of the characters are the same way.
It was an added plus that I live in the area where the story takes place it is not important, it just made it interesting to me.
But what I loved the most was the language the dreamlike beautifully weaved sentences in a way it was like a painting with lots of colors and details a time travel a melody that will definitely stay in my ears for a long long time.
Most of this book I didn t like I found it convulted, hard to follow and over written However, towards the end when all the pieces start coming together, I liked it better This is the story of a woman who tragically dies and then is caught in the in between world She can t stop obsessing what happened to her love and ends up haunting a young couple who eventually bring her the answers she needs The concept is great and the perspective is unique yet I found that I never bonded with the characters I found the great love between the ghost and the man she left behind too flowery, too unbelievable And through it all, the writers weaves another theme of women s suffrage and right to abortionit all felt a bit forced I gave it two stars overall but I think the ending deserves three stars because it all finally made sense I read it based on the very enthusiastic recommendation of someone I had just met I probably should have done some research first but I myself cannot recommend it.
This was an unexpected gem I enjoyed the writing and structure of the narrative, but readers who are confused by nonlinear timelines may find this novel a challenge The characters were well drawn both male and female I loved the sensual descriptions just below my tolerance for overwriting, yet better as a first person narrative than any novel I ve read this year I m not a romance reader romance novels generally lead to yawns or laughter , and while I wouldn t call this a romance novel, it is about love, which is something else altogether The emotions are intense, but, interesting conflicts come from brave and unconventional for the times choices Are there dreams and goals powerful than love Our culture would have us believe love trumps all, and love usually is so physically and emotionally powerful, that all else pales However, in a repressive society, the greater struggle is sometimes to break social barriers What if the two goals are in conflict view spoiler A woman during the 1920s decides to follow her longtime dream of going to medical school instead of postponing or giving her dream up for a man whom she loves intensely hide spoiler New Orleans, SRaziela Nolan Is In The Throes Of A Magnificent Love Affair When She Dies In A Tragic Accident In An Instant, She Leaves Behind Her One True Love And Her Dream Of Becoming A Doctor But Somehow, She Still Remains Immediately After Her Death, Razi Chooses To Stay Between A Realm That Exists After Life And Before Whatever Lies Beyond ItFrom This Remarkable Vantage Point, Razi Narrates The Stories Of Her Lost Love, Andrew, And The Relationship Of Amy And Scott, A Couple Whose House She Haunts Almost Seventy Five Years Later The Mercy of Thin Air Entwines These Two Fateful And Redemptive Love Stories That Echo Across Three Generations From Ambitious, Forward Thinking Razi, Who Illegally Slips Birth Control Guides Into Library books To Hip Web Designer Amy, Who Begins To Fall Off The Edge Of Grief To Eugenia, Caught Between Since The Civil War, The Characters In This Wondrous Novel Sing With Life Evoking The Power Of Love, Memory, And Time, The Mercy of Thin Air Culminates In A Startling Finish That Will Leave Readers Breathless When there s something strange sleeping in your bed, who ya gonna call Not Ghostbusters Call Ronlyn Domingue Wowstilted dialogue really, no one talks like any of these people Has the author ever listened to a real conversation EVER , one dimensional characters, too good to be true or too mushy to be men men, sex scenes that forever join two souls written in a style that pays inadvertent homage to Ms Danielle Steel, and ghosts who surf the Internet no, really They can also WRITE LETTERS AND HAVE SEX WITH LIVING PEOPLE ZOMG It doesn t get much worse than this Actually it does, but I haven t seen the likes of it since I edited my college s literary journal back in the day P.
I didn t expect to like this book nearly as much as I did I love the portrayal of college girls in the 1920s, the very Southern flavor to the speech and behavior of the characters and the twists and turns in the story If I find myself slowing down and hoping to catch a few red lights to I can hear a little , you know that s a recommendation.
I adored this book It shouldn t take me five days to read a book that s just about 300 pages long, but that s exactly what happened I found myself finding other things to do instead of reading because I wanted to prolong the joy of reading it I slowed down and savored each word, each sentence I just didn t want it to end.
But all good things must come to an end, and last night I finished it And I mourned, just a little bit.
Razi is a feisty, unconventional girl of the 1920s Her goal in life is not, as society dictates, to find a husband and bear children She wants to be a doctor, not a nurse, and be worthy in her own right, not because she s married to someone She even becomes involved in disseminating information about birth control, an illegal topic in the 1920s and liable to send her to jail if she s found out But then she dies in a tragic accident and fails to go on to whatever is next after we die Instead she becomes, for all intents and purposes, a ghost When her boyfriend s old bookcase is bought at an estate sale seventy years after her death, she follows the piece of furniture to its new home, introducing us to Amy and Scott, a married couple with secrets and problems of their own.
The novel switches back and forth between Razi s life in the 1920s and Amy and Scott s lives in the 90s, and it works I was never left feeling like I wanted to stay in one time period over the other I was hungry to know what happened next Somehow Domingue weaves both time periods together beautifully This is not a novel about the supernatural It just seems to be a plot point, not the whole reason for the novel Razi is just as believable as a specter as she is in the flesh I admit I was taken wholly by surprise by the twist near the end I didn t see it coming, the way in which Amy and Razi were connected But I was happy to see it work out that way.
Domingue s writing is just so lyrical Reading the words she lays down is a joy, and they are just so very evocative It s like watching an old film unfold in your head while you read I can see myself reading this book again soon, and I m not the type to re read novels any there are far too many books I want to read.