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[ Read Online The Color Kittens Ê young-adult-contemporary PDF ] by Margaret Wise Brown ✓ The kids and I read this last night for story time I thought the story felt a little young for them Boy 9, Girl 7 but they both enjoyed it and they both said to give it 5 stars It is a cute story of two kittens named Brush and Hush who are trying to make green paint and go through many different color combinations before they get to green The illustrations are colorful and add to the story.
I had this on record, with the little booklet, and I can still remember the little meow that told you when to turn the page.
Once There Were Two Color Kittens With Green Eyes, Brush And HushSo Goes The Rollicking Tale Of Two Pouncy Kittens Who Make All The Colors In The World First Published Than Years Ago, This Much Requested Title Is Now Available As A Little Golden Book Classic, With Its original Cover Screw Goodnight Moon THIS is Margaret Wise Brown s best children s book The poetry is clever enough to teach children new words, the drawings are awesome, and how can you possibly go wrong with a story about two cats mixing paint colors At least there aren t any freaky bunnies in footsie pajamas in this one.
A fun yet older book that helps young children in getting to learn about colors while giving them a chance to enjoy the capers of two little kittens Although there is a plot gap in the fact that the story says they are color kittens and are in charge of the world s colors there is no actual explanation on what that means or how they came to get this particular job Instead the reader is thrown kind of into the story, which then takes them on a color filled journey The book is written in easy to understand and very readable yet fun text As a result the kittens story is a cause and effect while when it comes to their color combinations and what colors result there is a page dedicated to the color plus some things that can be found in that particular color while the name of the color is used as a sub title while also being in that color As a result there can be many different ways of using this book as a learning tool And the illustrations are just as fun as the reading of the book Keeping to the colorful scheme, the reader is then taken on a fun imaginative trip to explore the type of dreams that only color kittens can have All in all this is a fun and easy way to start learning about some of the secondary colors that are predominantly enjoyed.
This was one of my favorite books when I d learned to read at the age of four.
Ember s illustrations are weird Generally creepy, but the green jazzy cat dancing with the pink French poodle is brill, and the Easter eggs dancing around the tree is a crazy dream Parts of the story are wonderful, but parts are odd Why do the kittens dream the same dreams The versed parts of the text are MWB at her best I know I ve seen the Provensen art at one time, but it wasn t all that memorable to me From a fine art pov, I believe this the superior The other is probably kid friendly, though.

2 little kittens paint everything in the world, but are confused how to make certain colors Explains how different colors combine to make new ones blue yellow green, etc.
Two cats mix some paint to see what colours they will find The illustrations are nice if a little bizarre and random I think I would have enjoyed this one as a child.
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My grandmother used to read me this book between puffs of her cigarette How I loved this storyit s the tale of two kittens, Hush and Brush They have buckets and buckets and buckets of paint, but none that are the color green Refusing to have their spirits crushed by the evil paint manufacturing company, the two decide to make their own green by mixing various colors together A series of delightful accidents ensue Written by Margaret Wise Brown, the poet laureate of children s literature, The Color Kittens is lovely and lyrical I m thrilled that Golden books reissued this classic with the original illustrations by Alice and Martin Provensen looking at these pictures again, I m tempted to get a tattoo of one of them Wouldn t Gram be proud This book made such a deep impression on me that I always vowed to read it to my own children As I got older, I decided that kittens are better than babies Wow, this book really did make an impression on me So when I adopted my cat Simone, the first thing I did was sit her down and read to her from this book.
Unfortunately, we don t seem to share the same reading tastes Within the first 2 pages, she narrowed her eyes, flattened her ears, and began swiping at the pages I guess it lacked verisimilitude, or something Simone has never really explained her hatred of this book to meall I know is she runs away whenever I take it out God knows what will happen if I get my Hush and Brush tattoo Methinks it will look slightly less adorable covered with bloody claw marks Anyway, I think The Color Kittens is a fantastic book, no matter what Simone thinks Thanks to Gram for reading it to me in the first place, and to Golden books for bringing this edition back for future generations to enjoy or shred to ribbons, depending on their inclination.