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[P.G. Wodehouse] À The Clicking of Cuthbert [earth-sciences PDF] Read Online × These pretend to be golf stories, but they aren t They re the same old delightful Wodehouse the right sort of young man is pining for a girl, difficulties ensue, he gets the girl anyway And there s a lot of golf club paraphernalia lying about, and golf games of great importance in settling the matter Most of it, to be honest, is told in rather out of date slang on golf, which makes the whole experience less realistic and magical, like fairy tales.
Fun stuff Fore Fore Some years ago a friend of mine encouraged me to take up Golf so I could join him in a strange world of tournaments, competitions and social events that would otherwise be closed to me He offered to take me out on a round to get me into the swing of things Some five hours, one hundred and sixty strokes a very liberal scoring procedure was employed and five lost balls later both he and I were suffering some frustration I went to a driving range but had to be smuggled out of the back door should the gentleman in the next booth regain consciousness whilst I was still on the premises I booked an hour with a Pro who refunded my money after thirty five minutes Not to be put off I had a second round with my friend who, on the sixth green, told me that if I didn t give up golf he would.
So I approached Wodehouse s collection of Golf stories The Clicking of Cuthbert with some trepidation However I was mistaken to be suspicious, these stories mixing the trials and tribulations of golf with the golfer s attempts to succeed in love or other worthwhile pursuits really are a triumph.
The Oldest Member of the club sums up all aspects of golf in the most wonderful language , such as the following description of weekend golfers Like all Saturday foursomes, it is in difficulties One of the patients is zigzagging about the fairway like a liner pursued by submarines Two others seem to be digging for buried treasure or killing snakes The remaining cripple, who has just foozled a mashie shot, is blaming his caddie And so I have found a way to participate in the world of golf which was closed to a man of my sporting prowess Whilst my peers go out for eighteen holes I hole up with the Oldest Member on the terrace of the Mavis Bay golf links and laugh at them Like the Oldest Member I m not averse to putting myself on the outside of a cup of Tea and a slice of Cake.

Ten stories, all with the common theme of golf and its tortures Amusing but not particularly laugh out loud funny Some great turns of phrase and wonderful images but I have noticed one constant This is the second volume of his short stories that i have read and though i am always aware of which character I am supposed to like, I almost inevitably find them annoying and self obsessed In this volume, which is largely tongue in cheek, perhaps that is not a real problem but i carry the horrible suspicion that i am going to loathe all his heroes and feel sorry for all his villains.
What I know about golf nil.
What I thought about the sport in general Boring.
What the central theme of the stories in this book was Golf.
And yet here I am rating a book about golf as magnificent, which just goes to show the genius of Wodehouse All the stories in this book had me in splits Don t worry if you find golf to be the most boring sport ever invented, because this book will still be funny.
Their friendship ripened rapidly, as friendships do in the South of France In that favoured clime, you find the girl and Nature does the rest I am not a married man myself, so have had no experience of how it feels to have one s wife whizz off silently into the unknown but I imagine it must be something like taking a full swing with the brassey and missing the ball A young woman of singular beauty and rather statuesque appearance came out of the club house carrying a baby swaddled in flannel As she drew near the table she said to the baby Chickety wicketty wicketty wipsey pop In other respects her intelligence appeared to be above ordinary Their house was not far from the links Eunice was not engaged to be married and the aunt made a hobby of collecting dry seaweed, which she dried and pasted in an album One sometimes thinks that aunts live entirely for pleasure Didn t want to write a review for this book thought I d take some extracts out of it instead.
One word for anything that is PGW sublime.
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And granted, I did start reading Wodehouse with Wodehouse s first book of short stories so maybe the progression makes sense but this book was all about golf, and I hate golf, and this was still the best Wodehouse I ve read yet.
Freaking hilarious.
Who But PG Wodehouse Could Have Extracted High Comedy From The Most Noble And Ancient Game Of Golf And Who Else Could Have Combined This Comedy With A Real Appreciation Of The Game, Drawn From Personal Experience Wodehouse S Brilliant But Human Brand Of Humor Is Perfectly Suited To These Stories Of Love, Rivalry, Revenge, And Fulfillment On The Links While The Oldest Member Sits Inside The Clubhouse Quoting Marcus Aurelius On Patience And Wisdom, Outside On The Green The Strongest Human Passions Burn All Human Life Is Here, From Sandy McHoots, The Cocky Professional, To Shy Ramsden Waters, Whose Only Consolation Is Golf Even Golf Haters Will Not Be Able To Resists Stories Which Perfectly Combine Physical Farce And Verbal With A Gallery Of Unforgettable Characters Ten short stories about how golf can help men marry beautiful girls, or alternatively, escape from girls who hate golf.
You don t have to a golfer to love this book, but it helps.