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comI wanted to read this book as soon as I saw the trailer for the movie But I had to ask a friend if it had a happy ending or a sad one, cause I wanted to be prepared going into it I usually don t do that but with this author, you just never know I loved Travis as a character He seemed genuinely nice and care free I felt that he was a guy enjoyed the pleasures of the world especially when it came to women He wants to one day settle down but hadn t found a woman that really made him feel different when it came to love Gabby was okay I had a hard time liking her I felt like she was a bit whiney I think I understand what the author was trying to convey with this character but she bothered me I found myself rolling my eyes a lot When I finally saw the movie I liked movie Gabby better than book Gabby.
The romance kinda bothered me Especially in how Gabby and Travis got together I felt like it almost glorified cheating Let me explain Gabby has a boyfriend A boyfriend she is waiting and hoping will propose But the author does a great just job of showing that actions are taken with first the thought What I mean by that is, every step Gabby took towards Travis was a very conscious decision He had a very romantic weekend with Travis and all of a sudden Gabby and Travis know they are meant to be together Now I understand that as soon as Gabby chose Travis she quickly ended it with her boyfriend but it still doesn t excuse in my mind that she cheatedbig time I loved the turn of events and The Choices that had to be made throughout the whole book, before the ultimate relationship between Gabby and Travis and afterwards It was really sweet the afterwards Overall I really enjoyed this story Despite my mixed feelings about Gabby being in a relationship when she got together with Travis It was interesting to see how Sparks decided to build the story to ultimately reach its climatic turn of events Sexual Content moderateLanguage mildViolence mild noneDrugs Alcohol mild MAJOR SPOILERS For those of you who have read this book Did you have as many problems with it as I did First of all Gabby is in a committed relationship and even though its not a perfect one, its not terrible and they re in love Then she spends some time with Travis and BAMMM she s in love with him too only after two days What And they had to say in like the stupidest way possible i love you Travis Parker And I love you Gabby Holland I do not understand how that can happen in that short amount of time while she s already in love with somebody else And she cheats on her boyfriend by sleeping with Travis ever spare minute she has for like five days Cheating isn t romantic Travis shouldn t marry her cause if she cheats WITH him, she would probably cheat ON him Later in the book Gabby goes in a coma Travis has a written document that s signed by Gabby saying if she s in a coma for than twelve weeks with no sign of recovery whatsoever, she basically wants to be taken off life support Then it comes to that time and you know what Travis does HE DOESN T EVEN TELL ANYBODY ABOUT THE PAPER I mean it s what she WANTED and he just completely ignores it AND breaks the LAW That just mad me so mad And later when she wakes up of course you have to have a perfect, unrealistic ending she doesn t even bring it up Not at all She doesn t even care that he didn t follow her wishes.
And a lot of the time when people wake up from long term comas, something is different about them Like maybe their memory is a little messed up or their personality has changed But nope Gabby is COMPLETELY back to normal The last thing that bothered me is that he literally went around asking people and himself How far will you go in the name of love when trying to decide if he should take Gabby off life support or not WHO ASKS PEOPLE THAT What does that even mean And anyway it s not going in the name of love if you break somebody s trust and wishes Does anybody else understand what I m getting at Travis Parker Has Everything A Man Could Want A Good Job, Loyal Friends, Even A Waterfront Home In Small Town North Carolina In Full Pursuit Of The Good Life Boating, Swimming, And Regular Barbecues With His Good Natured Buddies He Holds The Vague Conviction That A Serious Relationship With A Woman Would Only Cramp His Style That Is, Until Gabby Holland Moves In Next Door Despite His Attempts To Be Neighborly, The Appealing Redhead Seems To Have A Chip On Her Shoulder About Himand The Presence Of Her Longtime Boyfriend Doesn T Help Despite Himself, Travis Can T Stop Trying To Ingratiate Himself With His New Neighbor, And His Persistent Efforts Lead Them Both To The Doorstep Of A Journey That Neither Could Have Foreseen Spanning The Eventful Years Of Young Love, Marriage And Family, The Choice Ultimately Confronts Us With The Most Heartwrenching Question Of All How Far Would You Go To Keep The Hope Of Love Alive The Choice has assured I will never read another Nicholas Sparks book I found this novel to be a long winded, tedious waste of time And I got really irritated with his lack of research If you are going to write about a dog whelping get your facts right If you are going to write about comatose people get your facts right Oh yeah, and if your leading lady is an accomplished P.
A , you might want to try giving her a brain And I m sorry, but I see nothing redeeming about defying a person s legally expressed wishes In real life, this stuff is not reasonable and it s unfair portraying it with such an unrealistic ending If you want a romance novel, a Harlequin writer could have told this story in a third the pages, on a higher reading level and probably have added some needed passion to it.
Pulled at my heart strings and ended up crying for about 5 mintues at the end His writting has a way of getting in your head and you can imagine yourself in the situation What would you do How far should a person go in the name of true loveThe Choice I made the wrong choice when deciding to read this lol Sadly this was not an enjoyable read at all It was very boring and extremely predictable It seemed to go on and on and on It s bad when you find yourself not caring for any of the characters and your constantly checking to see how much is left to read Gabby was just plan and annoying While Travis was so completely perfect and single Can you say BORING I did tear up like once maybe The last few chapters were slightly better but still very predictable I was beyond thrilled when I finally finished It was certainly just a one time read or like a waste of my time Yes I will be watching the movie and yes I am excited to see it but that s only because when it comes to Nicholas Sparks books the movies are 100 times BETTER than the books Odd right But it s the truth Sparks just doesn t do it for meStories are as unique as the people who tell them, and the best stories are in which the ending is a surpriseOnly the ENDING was NO surprise I should preface this review by saying that The Choice was a really thoughtful Christmas gift from my little brother, Darren I m glad I read it, as I ve been curious about the Nicholas Sparks following at least among a certain, um, demographic Sparks writing style is also clear, it s an absurdly fast read, and I d be lying if I claimed the storyline didn t occasionally leave me a bit verklempt.
That, however, is where my praise for The Choice ends First, the characters in this book were ridiculous Usually I rail against the media s unrealistic portrayal of women, but the male protagonist in this novel was truly beyond the pale This man had not ONE character flaw unless blind, unadulterated devotion to the woman he worships counts Other issues Love magically cures what modern medicine can t, cheeeeesy cheeeeeeeesy dialogue, and I WANTED THE FEMALE PROTAGONIST TO DIE Seriously There either must be something terribly wrong with me and my empathy skills, or there is something wrong with this book I m sorry, Nicholas Sparks fans I do enjoy a good fluff filled love story, and I m a big fan of certain types of fantasy hooray, Harry Potter This was just too much Maybe The Choice would make a better screenplay I thoroughly enjoyed the cinematic Notebook, after all.
The Choice, Nicholas SparksThe Choice is a 2007 novel written by Nicholas Sparks Part one Travis Parker and Gabby Holland set off into an interesting journey of life as neighbors and then young lovers Travis Parker is a happy man with wonderful friends, a great occupation and an enviable life He thinks his life is already full of joy and happiness then Gabby Holland moves in the house next door What blossoms is an emotional and inspiring love story It is a story about overcoming barriers to be with your loved ones It is about pure and intense romantic love, trust, strength, and the reality that all choice is a cheap illusion.
Part two Gabby suffers an accident, and Travis visits her in the hospital, where she is comatose The doctors say she probably will never wake up Travis is forced to make The Choice between taking Gabby off life support or to sending her to long term care, knowing that she may never wake up He decides to take his chances and move her to long term care Three months later, Gabby wakes up from her coma and moves back into their house 2012 1390 1389 351 9789642950102 1393 21

Mr Sparks, All my life I believed in order for a wonderful marriage all you needed was true love And now, knowing that for a relationship to work it needs much then love, reading your books is honestly quite pathetic and sad All your books are the same, have you ever thought about writing a book that doesn t involve two people falling in love over the course of twenty four hours This isn t going to be a long review, but it will be a ranting one Just going to jump right in The characters in this book are ridiculous First Gabby One word Annoying She got on my last nerve This is going to sound insane, but she thought way to much The first half of this book is her just thinking but it s about nothing at all She just goes on and on and on about any and everything Then on top of her babbling she was obsessed with making it crystal clear that she had a boyfriend Hey having a party at my house would you like to come I have a boyfriend Hi how are you I have a boyfriend What time is it I have a boyfriend What color is the sky I have a boyfriend.
WE GET IT YOU HAVE A BOYFRIEND WE GET IT, TRAVIS GETS IT, HIS FRIENDS GET IT, PEOPLE WHO HAVEN T EVEN HEARD OF THIS BOOK GET IT Shut the F up about how you have a boyfriend NO ONE ASKED She s also absent minded, jumps to assumptions, and takes her anger out on everyone Oh wait there s she s needy, whiny, and way too attached to the male characters in this book Everything she did uggggggggggh drove me insane Then we have Travis Travis is perfect And yeah this is a problem He is able to do everything, and I m just not ok with this Cook, clean, entertain children, ride motorcycles, you name it he does it I like my characters with flaws and he legit has none Oh and boy does he ooze of charm That s another thing HE IS TOO CHARMING Yeah, I ll give it to him, he has a few very silly cute moments However all his perfections overshadowed all I did prefer Travis to Gabby, but I don t really know what that says.
The relationship between the two is soooooooooo unrealistic Mr Sparks you have your two main characters fall in love in one weekend ONE weekend I m not saying that this would be impossible for an author to do what I m saying is that you are going to have to do it up You are going to have to pull out all the stops stops that aren t even invented yet Good sir, when you make a book 250 pages it s a sprint not a marathon I m talking that can t eat can t sleep reach for the stars over the fence world series kind of magic We don t have time for you to waste on all this pointless backstory BS Having these characters falling in love over a weekend would mean you would have to have us fall in love with them being in love in a matter of pages Newsflash you didn t I DID NOT FOR ONE SINGLE SECOND BELIEVE THESE TWO COULD DID FALL IN LOVE I gave no Fs about these two being together Which leads me to the plot.
WARNING SPOILERS AHEAD There really isn t much plot to talk about because nothing happens 85% of this book NOTHING happens This book puts all its eggs in the basket that is a coma I m sure by now you ve all seen the trailers for this movie So you know home girl gets in an accident Which makes it very clear that The Choice will be that he has to either A pull the plug or B not I wont tell you what he chooses to do, but I really don t have to You will know Every part of the ending is PRE DICT ABLE Oh and when the big reveal happened I WAS SO PISSED ROYALLY PISSED I was so annoyed by how everything went that I was praying to the book gods to just have Gabby die Live die, Gabby gonna be real with you I just don t care Actually you know what, just die, it s cool I was told over and over again by several people that that none of this would matter That by the end I would still be a blubbering messI WASN T I did not shed a single tear I cry in almost every book but didn t in this one I think that really says something I was just to busy being angry to be upset.
Nick Sparks needs to re evaluate his writing This is a story he has done time and time again Wealthy white people fall in love, someone ends up in the hospital, but in the long run it all works out for them because LOVE CONQURS ALL EVEN MODERN MEDICINE Yeah its just a no We are not on good terms Nick F this book I was way easier on this book than I planned on being review wise I toned it down, which I know in the long run I ll regret doing Oh and If at this point you re still wondering if I ll be seeing this movie or not Well you can bet your sweet buns I am I m actually still pretty pumped about it read THIS REVIEW AND OTHERS OVER ON OUR BLOG SBSR SBSR SBSR SBSR SBSR SBSR SBSR SBSR SBSR