Trailer å Stiff Upper Lip, Jeeves PDF by Ö P.G. Wodehouse

Trailer å Stiff Upper Lip, Jeeves PDF by Ö P.G. Wodehouse Bertie Wooster Vows That Nothing Will Induce Him To Return To Totleigh Towers, Lair Of Former Magistrate Sir Watkyn Bassett Apart From Sir Watkyn Himself, The Place Is Infested With His Ghastly Daughter Madeline And Her Admirer, Would Be Dictator Roderick Spode But When His Old Friend Stinker Pinker Asks For Bertie S Help, There Is Nothing For It But To Buckle Down And Go There His Subsequent Adventures Involve A Black Statuette, A Brazilian Explorer With A Healthy Appetite For Whisky And Soda, An Angry Policeman, And All The Horrors Of A School Treat It Takes Jeeves, Posing As Chief Inspector Witherspoon Of The Yard, To Sort Out The Mess And Retrieve His Employer From The Soup Oh, What does one need to do to hold on to bachelorhood and stay out of jail If you are Bertram Wooster, way than a normal human being, and that too succeed by a whisker thanks to the inimitable Jeeves by his side This rib tickler had me stifle laughing like an imbecile on flights while my neighbours were desperately trying to sleep despite me.
Totleigh Towers is next only to Mordor when it comes to terror and Bertie well advisedly resolves to stay far away from it He even turns down his chum Stinker Pinker who seeks Bertie s faculties in a diabolical scheme planned by Stiffy Byng But when the love boat of Madeline Bassett and Gussie is rocked thanks to divided opinion on Kidney pie, Bertie s bachelorhood is at stake and he has no option but to play raison something wish Jeeves were here to help braving the human gorilla Spode, the judgemental Sir Wyatt Bassett and a mad terrier to name a few.
Jeeves keeps doing his thing all through than the one big flourish towards the end this despite the monstrosity of his master s Alpine Hat Hilarious book Bertie Wooster is back at Totleigh Towers fighting off the threat of marriage with dippy Madeline Bassett in the charmingly delightful Stiff Upper Lip, Jeeves Good ol school chum Gussie Fink Nottle s engagement to Madeline is all that s saving Bertie from a future strapped to a sap A forced vegetarian diet could tip the scales The horror is readily apparent all over newt fancier Fink Nottle s map Stiffy Byng, Stinker Pinker, Sir Watkyn Bassett and a bevy of other recurring characters show up to create the usual havoc that is constantly disturbing Wooster s gay bachelor life Lucky for them they have a Jeeves in their lives to straighten it all out Stiff Upper Lip, Jeeves is the same old Wodehouse fare, but even so In fact, I would go so far as to call this The Code of the Woosters, Part 2 It s got most all of the same characters The plot is not terribly dissimilar It never reaches the quality of Code, but then few of Wodehouse s books do Perhaps there was an aspiration to repeat the success of Code, but Stiff lacks the same panache It meanders It chats Whereas Code got into it, got things moving Stiff also relies somewhat on the reader being familiar with the characters and their past Honestly this book is for people already familiar with the Totleigh Towers world.

You wouldn t think it to look at him, because he s small and shrimplike and never puts on weight, but Gussie loves food Watching him tucking into his rations at the Drones, a tapeworm would raise its hat respectfully, knowing that it was in the presence of a master3.
5 stars This isn t top shelf Wodehouse, but it s still a fairly humorous, entertaining read, filled with all of the shenanigans, close shaves, and clever silly wordplay that make these books so much fun Jeeves, as usual, manages to tactfully save the day He s also eventually able to pry Wooster from his highly questionable okay, okay, downright hideous Alpine hat, which, let me tell you, is no mean feat My favorite partMy father s not so bad, if you rub him the right way Very possibly, but if you think a busy man like myself has time to go around rubbing fathers, either with or against the grain, you are greatly mistakenWooster is adorable, as always A bit of an ass, of course But he firmly and decisively draws the line at father rubbing Sort of.
Bertie Wooster vows that nothing will induce him to return to Totleigh Towers, lair of former magistrate Sir Watkyn Bassett Apart from Sir Watkyn himself, the place is infested with his ghastly daughter Madeline and her admirer, would be dictator Roderick Spode But when his old friend Stinker Pinker asks for Bertie s help, there is nothing for it but to buckle down and go there His subsequent adventures involve a black statuette, a Brazilian explorer with a healthy appetite for whisky and soda, an angry policeman, and all the horrors of a school treat It takes Jeeves, posing as Chief Inspector Witherspoon of the Yard, to sort out the mess and retrieve his employer from the soup.
1 6 Bertie is obliged to sort out an amorous mix up between his friends PG Wodehouse romp with Richard Briers and Michael Hordern.
2 6 Bertie tries to play peacemaker when he arrives at Totleigh Towers.
3 6 Bertie Wooster is landed in a pickle over an expensive statue.
4 6 Gussie upsets his fiancee when he looks elsewhere on the menu.
5 6 Gussie is walloped and Aunt Dahlia sends Bertie on a spending spree.