Trailer ✓ Pigs Have Wings PDF by ¶ P.G. Wodehouse

Trailer ✓ Pigs Have Wings PDF by ¶ P.G. Wodehouse Wodehouse is ALWAYS funny.
As in any fairy tale, they all lived happily ever after Mostly.
If you like your baronets slender and willowy, you would not have cared much for Sir Gregory Parsloe36 Needing a bit of cheer, I decided to sneak in another Wodehouse I was not disappointed in fact, I am going to stick my neck out here and say that Pigs Have Wings is the funniest of the Blandings novels.
Reading Wodehouse is pure bliss His writing style seems simple but it is not Wodehouse is a genius and he painstakingly creates humor out of ordinary everyday situations It is not slap stick, satire or comic It is pure unadulterated humor Reading Wodehouse is the best stress buster and anti depressant He doesn t claim to very highly literary writing prowess In his own words I believe there are two ways of writing novels One is making a sort of musical comedy without music and ignoring real life altogether the other is going deep down into life and not caring a damn.
Wodehouse believed that one of the factors that made his stories humorous was his view of life, and he stated that If you take life fairly easily, then you take a humorous view of things It s probably because you were born that way For a humorous novel you ve got to have a scenario, and you ve got to test it so that you know where the comedy comes in, where the situations come in splitting it up into scenes you can make a scene of almost anything and have as little stuff in between as possible Bandings castle and its characters is one the best of his creations All other charaters Jeevs, Ukridge, Bertram Wooster, Psimth, Mulliner, Clarence Threepwood, Sebastian Beach, Ashe Marson, Joan Valentine, J Preston Peters, Aline Peters, Freddie Threepwood, Mrs Twemlow, Mrs Bell, Richard Jones, George Emerson, Lord Stockheath, Adams, Rupert J Baxter, Thorne, George Threepwood, Ann Warblington, Merridew, James, Alfred, Mildred Mant, Horace Mant, Judson, Algernon Wooster, Bishop of Godalming, Billy, Muriel, Dr Bird, Slingsby, Chester, Ferris, Miss Willoughby etc are highly likable I think there will not be a single person who cannot like Wodehouse.
Evelyn Waugh had it right when he wrote, For Wodehouse there has been no fall of man the gardens of Blandings Castle are the original gardens of Eden from which we are all exiled True it is The very idea of ten or novels centered around the love of a dotty old earl for his prize pig sets one s mind areel P.
G Wodehouse is probably one of the funniest writers who have ever lived only S.
J Perelman can compare with him and some of his inventions still stick in my mind after thirty years of uproarious reading, such as Jeeves s infamous hangover cure, Buck U Uppo.
Pigs Have Wings is one of the intricately plotted of Wodehouse s comic masterpieces, with wonderful scenes such as the following He paused, and said Er There was another longish silence The moon, said Lord Emsworth, indicating it Yes, said Maudie Bright, said Lord Emsworth, paying it a well deserved tribute Yes, said Maudie Very bright, said Lord Emsworth Oh, very,very bright, and seemed for a moment to converse with easy fluency But inspiration failed him, and with a Quite, quite Capital, he disappeared again.
Where ever was there a love scene to match this, unless it us the balcony scene in Romeo and Juliet Think of this book as the ultimate example of Musical Pigs in all of comic literature read it and you will see what I mean.

I simply love Wodehouse I haven t read a bad book by him, although I m sure they exist This book is so much fun, if you enjoy British humour Here s why A man and woman discussing a mutual acquaintance I was at school with him You were, were you Did you kick him Of course I didn t kick him I loved him like a brother The chance of a lifetime thrown away, said Miss Salt with bitterness If Orlo Vosper in his formative years had been thoroughly kicked twice a day, Sunday included, he might not have grown up the overbearing louse he has become Would you call him an overbearing louse I did To his face When was this On the tennis court at Eastbourne, and again when entering the club house I d have done it in the dressing room, too, only he wasn t there They separate the sexes Of all the overbearing lice that ever overbore, I told him, you are the undisputed champion, and I gave him back his ring Oh, you were engaged Don t rub it in We all make mistakes Here s another one, describing a hung over gentleman who is being shouted at by another man The next moment, it seemed to George Cyril Wellbeloved that the end of the world had come and Judgment Day set in with unusual severity Actually, it was his employer shouting his name, but that was the illusion it created Sir he whispered feebly, clutching his temples, through which some practical joker was driving white hot spikes It s subtleties like this that make Wodehouse so much fun to read As though Judgment Day could have a usual severity I can t resist adding one Good luck to your matrimonial venture I wish you every happiness Thanks You ll enjoy being married Whoso findeth a wife findeth a good thing I say, that s neat Your own King Solomon Oh, that chap And he knew, eh I mean, nothing much you could tell him about wives, what No, said Lady Constance, after a moment s thought No, I shall not dismiss Beach I take the view that he was led astray by Galahad Galahad I remember, when we were children, said Lady Constance wistfully, seeing Galahad fall into that deep pond in the kitchen garden And just as he was sinking for the last time, one of the gardeners came and pulled him out, she added, speaking with a sort of wild regret It was plain that she was in agreement with the poet that of all sad words of tongue or pen the saddest are these It might have been She paused for a moment, brooding on the folly of that chuckle headed gardener.
4 stars for the book but I didn t really care for Jeremy Sinden s narration In particular, his voices for Lord Emsworth and his sister Connie grated on me.
The first Wodehouse book I ever read I was in love from page 1, and subsequently read almost all of the eighty odd books he ever wrote Full of absurd, wildly wonderful plots, quirky characters, and wit so dry you could burn your fingers on it P.
G s books always have a happy ending, so be prepared to walk with a lighter step when you re done.
A Blandings NovelCan The Empress Of Blandings Win The Fat Pigs Class At The Shropshire Show For The Third Year Running Galahad Threepwood, Beach The Butler And Others Have Put Their Shirt On This, And For Lord Emsworth It Will Be Paradise On Earth But A Substantial Obstacle Lurks In The Way Queen Of Matchingham, The New Sow Of Sir Gregory Parsloe Bart Galahad Knows This Pretender To The Crown Must Be Pignapped But Can The Empress In Turn Avoid A Similar Fate In This Classic Blandings Novel, Pigs Rise Above Their Bulk To Vanish And Reappear In The Most Unlikely Places, While Young Lovers Are Crossed And Recrossed In Every Room In Blandings Castle