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[George Singleton] · Novel [banned-books PDF] Ebook Epub Download ß If you like cynical humor you ll love it This book follows Novel s day to day life as things continue to get worse and worse for him Novel s determined to write an autobiography but realizes there s a lot he doesn t know about his wife, her family, his own adopted brother and sister and the town he lives in.
When I first started reading this, I thought I would like it It started out kind of funny, with the explosion and the weight loss clinic, but as it went on, it just kind of got nonsensical I m still trying to figure out what the point was Orphans turned into art forgers, a clan of hill people in civil war garb fighting with the forgers over what art is Not to mention the overdone Novel jokes I have no idea what I read, honestly.
Set In The Town Of Gruel, South Carolina, This First Novel By George Singleton, Master Of The Comic Short Story, Is The Tale Of A Young Man Named Novel His Brother S Name Is James His Sister S Is Joyce , A Professional Snake Handler Who Stumbles Across Strange Doings While He Sits In A Motel Room Writing His Autobiography As He Struggles To Recount His Life Story, He Uncovers And Finds Himself Starring In A Decades Old Town Secret, One That Can Blow Him And His Fellow Citizens Sky High Funny As Only George Singleton Can Be, Full Of Southern Mischief And Wit, Novel Is A Crazed And Crazy Fictional Whirlwind Of Drinking, Motel Living, Art Forgery Committing, Pool Playing Redneck Charm This seemed like exactly the kind of Novel that I would adore writers, motels, memoirs, satire whatcould I want but it didn t quite deliver It s hard to pinpoint the exact reason it failed, but I can think of a few things that were lacking I noticed that it was his first Novel while he had written several story collections before and I think it shows The pacing was incredibly slow The narrative took way too long to get to anything interesting and then began meandering soon afterward I also hated his writing style Initially, it seemed like he was trying too hard, but I thought about how that kind of comedic writing would actually be perfect for a short story He actually reminds me a bit of George Saunders.
That being said, I did find it funny, although the jokes were hit or miss My favorite section of the Novel was when the protag, Novel, is going through the different rooms of the motel and writing his autobiography I love metafictional memoirs so much, so I wish this had beensuccessful, but it was quirky and fun His short lived writer s retreat business was quite amusing to me.
Grade B Book was sort of slow moving, but there were some great bits of humorous prose that made up for it It was really dry, but some of the stuff that happens leaves you wondering where in the hell they ARE in America, and it was nicely quirky.
And I loved the plot twists near the end Once it started coming together, it got better.
This book is David Sedaris meets Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas Had it s funny moments and a few I actually laughed out loud at but mostly just because it is so ridiculous Some parts were hard to follow, and things got crazy for a while there There were strings of events, snippets of a poem story he s writing, and current actions strung together in a drunken pile Good and weird, but a quick, different read.
Halfway through, just can t force myself to finish this book Guy owns a hotel, is trying to write, interspersed with stories about him growing up and assorted weird characters It s like taking a long, meandering walk with early onset dementia Quirkiness is admirable, but not in economy size doses.

This book was like being on acid All over the place and really odd I could not get into it and the author could not stay focused The book did have some rather quite humorous descriptive scenes, but overall the book was choppy and nerve wracking in how it flipped back and forth between time periods.
worst book i have ever read i would never recommend this to anyone since reading it was totally a waste of time.
the protagonist if he s ever the protagonist is so lame and seems as if he himself is bored with this book.
this Novel ids plotless, or there may be a plot, but it is very weak and would not get anyone excited i really hate how the author had overwritten everything in attempts to make it funny when actually noting is funny at all it was not even one of those witty punchline filled crap and i am very disappointed with this.
i mean, who would like a worse than drunk guy talking about how much his hometown sucks there are no good characters.
no charm.
no sense.
nothing but loads of crap spitted by a pessimistic pathetic bastard.
i hate this so much.
Well I really loved this book up until the last 10 pages It was a very abrupt ending for a book with so many storylines and durectjons So maybe if you don t want to be disappointed just don t read the last chaoter.