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[Marisa de los Santos] È Love Walked In [urban-legends PDF] Read Online ñ 3 Another easy, enjoyable read by de los Santos.
Love Walked In, by Marisa de los Santos, was referred to me by a dear friend I am indebted to her for recommending such a wonderful read The author creates lovable and quirky characters involved in many versions of love.
Clare and Cornelia sucked me right into their story I was totally devoted to them and their improbable friendship that carries them through the unpredictable currents of life and love.
An amazing storyteller When Martin Grace Enters The Hip Philadelphia Coffee Shop Cornelia Brown Manages, Her Life Changes Forever But Little Does She Know That Her Newfound Love Is Only The Harbinger Of Greater Changes To Come Meanwhile, Across Town, Clare Hobbs Eleven Years Old And Abandoned By Her Erratic Mother Goes Looking For Her Lost Father She Crosses Paths With Cornelia While Meeting With Him At The Caf , And The Two Women Form An Improbable Friendship That Carries Them Through The Unpredictable Currents Of Love And Life For the first two thirds of this book, I was in love The prose was so taut and engaging, I didn t want to put the darn book down even though I am technically supposed to be reading Emma The cultural references alone books, movies, music were enough to keep me riveted I loved the pert and unique language of the adult heroine Cornelia Also, the author was very adept at creating very different, very believable voices for the two protagonists Cornelia and Clare.
So, when the last act came around, I was disappointed I think the author had so much to accomplish in those last few chapters especially with making the plot conform to the romance formula that the writing was focused on accomplishing the end, rather than telling the end Plot twists and turns abound in that third act, some, even, that I felt weren t true to the characters.
Some other minor complaints 1 The chapters alternated between Cornelia in first person and Clare in third person While I generally liked the technique, it was disarming to have to switch from first to third person every few pages 2 All of the characters were unrealistically beautiful 3 This isn t related to the book, but I think Sarah Jessica Parker is all wrong to play Cornelia in the movie Cornelia is described as five feet tall with dark, pixie cut hair, with a face resembling that of Audrey Hepburn Come on.
Reading, it is truly what I love to do However, I do not like wordy books By this I mean, when something can be essentially and beautifully written in say 10 words, why ruin it by writing it with 20 The story, its premise and its entirety are nice concepts which had the possibility of many things Yet, I could not wait for it to end because the boos itself is so over the top wordy, I just wanted to scream Perhaps it was just me, but some of the sentences were just painful because it was as if the author was just trying to see how many words she could fit in a sentence.
Love Walked In centers on an unlikely meeting between two narrators Cornelia, a 31 year old cafe manager, and Clare, the 11 year old daughter of Cornelia s current boyfriend What unfolds is a strange and at times hopeful narrative of relationships, connections, and love.
Cornelia s narrative is chatty like a girlfriend catching up on a whopper of a story , but it s often over the top The author uses Cornelia as a place to indulge in being in love with her own precocity, and it isoften irritating than cute Clare s narrative is lovely and heartbreaking It s hard not to want to reach into the book and envelope her The first half was wistful and hopeful, and I really enjoyed it But the author sets up a scenario that cannot be easily resolved, and instead of going for a realistic or difficult scenario, she pulls out every ridiculous, contrived plot twist imaginable in the second half of the book I found myself floored in disbelief not only was I incredulous, but I was also concerned about Cornelia s decision vis a vis Clare and dumbfounded at the idea that we were supposed to buy such a baloney filled ending.
This book is great if you need a new kind of fluff to read, but know that the ending is going to be wholly bizarre I was transfixed and yet felt like I was watching a car accident in progress.
This is one of the best written books I ve read in years From the first paragraph, I was hooked The writing style was just fantastic It far exceeded my expectations in terms of a first novel.
Cornelia is someone I think I would be friends with in real life I found myself in her world through the vivid descriptions It was almost as if the main character was inviting you into her life.
I didn t want to read it too quickly and I couldn t put it down because I felt like I had to savor every single word Some people may feel the plotlines were predictable, but I would have to disagree I would say that the story was comfortable due to excellent writing and that I didn t know what was coming because of the well developed characters and plotline.
Ms de los Santos is a poet, a fact that shines through in her writing This book was an absolute pleasure to read, and I can t wait to read Belong to Me to see how my Cornelia s life turns out and to read whatever else this wonderful author puts out After two semesters of doom and gloom novels, my soul needed verbal cuddling I can see this book translating into a chick flick, the type of movie mothers bring their daughters to and weep mercilessly halfway into the film The title itself says it all.
I wasn t hooked immediately into this book, as I normally am with guilty pleasuresand here s why The author didn t have a set voice she settled into Her chapters alternated between Cornelia, a thirty something cafe manager, and Clare, an eleven year old girl whose bipolar mom abandoned her The Cornelia chapters were first person POV, the Clare chapters were third person I think I understand why she did this because getting into the mind of a child, and making it believable is truly tricky Hats off to her for trying it The problem is, she didn t succeed Clare is supposed to be a girl, ahead of her years, due to the turmoil at home, but I kept thinking of how even the most precocious eleven year old couldn t be THAT observant and insightful Yes, children areclever than we give them credit for, and do offer bits of wisdom we are surprised bybut I often doubted the authenticity of the Clare chapters.
The problem is, the Clare chapters were better written than the Cornelia ones The description wasdetailed, and quite beautiful at times I m sure that has to do with the fact it s third person, not first, as it tends to be easier to write scenery in third person But I found myself really enjoying the writingin the Clare chapters, and the author s poetry background came through there Although one thing I noticed and this is a pet peeve of mine when an author chooses to tell the same story through different POV is that the chapters tended to be redundant Clare would think something that Cornelia thought, and sure enough, next chapter, Cornelia would think it Or Clare would assume something about Cornelia, or Cornelia would read something about Clarethere were no surprises between the two of them and their interactions Everything was predicted for us, which, honestly, became boring after awhile.
I also felt like the author took the easy way out of things at times Things happened too conveniently with Martin, with Mrs Goldberg, with any character who existed only to make it easier for Cornelia that after awhile, I thought, Of course That WOULD happen Of course, these are all pretty harsh criticisms for an overall very sweet book It did its trick and definitely gave me some warm fuzzies after I was done reading it And the author is clearly sharp and well versed on her old movies, andthan once, I wish I had Wikipedia next to me to look up her references This is just a genre of book I don t normally read but I won t turn away fromand truth be told, I ll read another book of hers Because who doesn t need warm fuzzies

I would look at this book and read the back cover everytime I went to Borders So, I recieved a gift card for Barnes Noble so I went ahead and purchased this book I m not sure what I was expecting but I was a little disappointed with the development of the story of Cornelia and Claire I found the frequent references to old romanticized movies and actors lame and completely over done As someone who has a few film courses under her belt but generally dislikes all romantic comedies with very few exception ie Bringing up Baby and How to Lose a Guy in Ten Days , I still found that I mostly had no idea what Cornelia was referring when she mentioned these classic movies I felt like classic romantic films 101 should be have been a prerequisite for reading this fluffy novel I also had a problem with the fact that all storylines and character choices seemed to easy and predictable You saw them coming a 10 miles away and all plans and hopes just happened to work out perfectly All loose ends were tied up tightly into perfectly happy endings, and that s fine Who doesn t want like to feel a sense of some resolution afetr reading a book or seeing a film But this was just so forced and unnatural When the guy your dating for three months forgets to tell you he has a daughter and then she all of a sudden shows up when her mentally ill mother leaves, do you immediately become her surrogate mother Do you just decide one day that you are in love with your sister s husband who just so happens to have been your great friend all your life but married your sis and it just so happens that your sister leaves for her husband for some other man and find out he s loved you since you were kids and your families are both fully supportive of you and him hooking up within days of learning that your sister left him I seriously doubt it.
so unbelievable There areexamples of this nonsense but there is no need to elaborate If you see this book on the shelf don t even bother to stop.
keep on movin It was strange, it was long and boring, at 1st I got through it and loved it Loved walked in and I loved that 2.