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[ Pdf First Kiss (Bridesmaid Chronicles) ☆ lds-non-fiction PDF ] by Kylie Adams ↠´ New Jersey New Money Meets Texas Landed Gentry When Julia Spinelli Falls Head Over Heels For Roman Sonntag Their Whirlwind Courtship Has Their Families In An Uproar And While Julia And Roman S Wedding Party Has The Couple S Best Interests At Heart, They Sure Have A Funny Way Of Showing It But As The Big Day Gets Closer And Closer, Julia Is Sure That Love Will Win Out For Her And Her Bridesmaids In Book Two Of The Bridesmaid Chronicles, Kiki Sonntag, An Out Of Work Actress And Former Miss Texas, Takes It Upon Herself To Save Her Brother S Wedding From Bad Taste But She Can T Save Herself From A Nasty Tabloid Scandal Until It Blows Over, She S Hiding Out In Manhattan S Hippest New Hotel And Enjoying Some Perks From Its Playboy Owner super cheesy but still readable Did not age well Kiki was obnoxious as hell, I kept waiting for her to grow or be something other than vapid as hellshe does not I don t understand what Fab sees in her other than her tits and why oh why would anyone want to be friends with her

After such a terrific start to this series, this is where it stumbled big time Instead of Texas we re in New York where Kiki, sister of the groom, lives and plays She s a former beauty queen, now an actress still trying to make it big She s also a very shallow and selfish person, one that I hardly liked at all.
Two friends share the spotlight with her in this book, and this is the first of the silliness that did the story no favors, one friend s name is Suzi Suzi I don t know, that bugged the hell out of me when reading Next are the antics that Kiki gets into, one of which is she takes over Julia s wedding preparations without even asking, making the most awful suggestions, and the other is the main part of the story and how she meets the hero.
While shopping with her friends, they stumble upon a popular married Hollywood couple who are expecting their first child A chain of events ends with a member of the paparazzi snapping a suggestive pic of Kiki and the husband This, of course, is front page news, accusing Kiki of being a homewrecker, and the media then hounds her every step She ends up at The Affair, a club of sorts where you can literally go to to have an affair Okaaaay The place is run by Fab, who is often in the tabloids himself, always with a different beauty on his arm every time.
Kiki wiles her way into one of his suites to let the fervor over her notoriety blow over and they end up spending time with each other There is an instant attraction between them and Fab would like to explore that He puts up with such ridiculousness from this woman Even the sexual banter didn t work due to her attitude The actual love scenes themselves were good, mainly because Fab is involved I did like his character, what I got to see of it He s not in this book very much, making itchick lit y than romance And I really don t care for chick lit all that much Hence, my dislike of the book, I guess.
Of course, things eventually work themselves out, Kiki and Fab fall in love and decide to get married Not without Kiki fobbing off all of her friends on Fab, giving them jobs in his organizations without even asking him Even at the end the woman is full of herself The only reason the grade for this book isn t lower is Fab, the few times he had interaction with anyone Other than that, I could have done without reading the darned thing.
See my complete review at I couldn t finish reading it It was horrible I don t know how much of a review this could be since I literally stopped reading at Chapter 3 or 4, but I couldn t bring myself to continue reading itIf you enjoy contemporary romance literature with insipid heroines, then this might be your read I noticed that other reviews mentioned liking the hero, but I didn t read far enough into the book to actually GET TO enjoy the hero Seriously, the heroine is a 34 year old, washed up, spoiled, shallow, and pathetic actress former beauty queen who can t seem to maintain an actual job, let alone a long conversation dialogue without mentioning celebrities, money, and her next shopping spree.
I literally felt like I was reading the autobiography of Heidi Montag post plastic surgery DO NOT WASTE YOUR TIME I understand if you want a book to read that will make the day go by quicker, or just as a fun vacation book to read, but if you re looking for depth and an actual plot line that you can immerse yourself into WHILE on vacation, then move onto the next book.
It s such a disappointment since my interest in this series was peaked by my reading of the first book, but even then I only rated the first book 3 out of 5 stars Maybe I m a harsh critic, but I think that as an author, Kylie Adams should have made her characterslike able After all, I think the whole point of reading a romance book is so that you can empathize and possibly pretend that you are the hero heroine I personally read to do just that, to literally lose myself in a fantasy world with the perfect hero, but in order to do so, as an educated, hard working woman, I seriously can t take the heroine seriously enough in First Kiss to even get to enjoy the hero The title of the book also made me annoyed Maybe because I haven t read through the entire book yet, so I don t know the reason for the title, but at least in First Date I understood why the title was chosen and I actually thought it was clever and cute But First Kiss unless the heroine was someone who hadn t been kissed yet, then I can t find the cleverness in it Especially based on what my understanding of her character was within the first couple of pages AWFUL.
UGHHH, I hate not finishing books, but I couldn t even bring myself to continue reading I LITERALLY THOUGHT MY BRAIN WAS TURNING INTO MUSH.