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[ Read Online Carry On, Jeeves × writing PDF ] by P.G. Wodehouse Á Only 3 stars So did I like it Oh I say, rather And yet Carry On, Jeeves has all of the wonderful Wodehouseisms I ve come to know and love bumbling Bertie Wooster and his genius of a gentleman s gentleman Jeeves colorful characters galore like Bingo Little and Sir Roderick Glossop poor sods getting themselves in a fix with the put upon Bertie having to extract them time and again So what s wrong Well, this is a collection of stories as opposed to the one, cohesive novella sized story that my favorite Jeeves Woosters have previously been served up Sure, these one off short stories deliver a punch, but to watch the long haul battle of epic misunderstandings that the Wooster Jeeves team endure is to see Wodehouse float like a butterfly and sting like a beewhile Bertie hilariously flounders about like a half drowned fish With the long distance runners, the humor has a chance to work up a good sweat and stretch its legs That sort of marathon hilarity always jiggles my giggle bone.
Reading Wodehouse is always a pleasant experience, which always fills the reader with much gaiety happiness Carry On, Jeeves , is a compilation of ten short stories featuring Bertie Wooster and his gentleman s gentleman Jeeves with the usual assortment of charming characters like Aunt Dahlia, her French chef Anatole, Aunt Agatha, Sir Roderick Glossop and Richard P Little a.
a Bingo Little , and is an easy to read and enjoy volume.
In these tales of delightful humor Bertie seeks the counsel of his trusted man Jeeves, whenever his or his friend s affairs get topsy turvy and always Jeeves saves the day with the usual tact and the resourceful mind he possess Like other tales in the Bertie Jeeves Canon these stories are full of hilarious scenarios comic timing delightful characters and funny dialogs with period slang Each of these tales begins with trivial misfortunes staring at Bertie or one of his friends, which Wodehouse with his supreme mastery over plot and language turns into a gallery of absolute pandemonium which will make the reader laughing out loud In Jeeves Takes Charge, the first story of the volume Bertie recounts how he came to take on Jeeves as his butler and tells the reader all about the incident in which Jeeves saves Bertie from a rather tight spot for the first time and becomes an indispensable companion of his life In Jeeves and the Unbidden Guest , Bertie Jeeves are in New York Lady Malvern a friend of Bertie s Aunt Agatha entrusts Bertie with the safe keeping of her son Lord Pershore a.
a Motty for a few weeks while she is exploring the country Bertie has no choice but to agree and soon finds that given freedom for first time in his life the seemingly docile Motty plunges right into the nightlife charms of the city Now it is for Jeeves to save Bertie from the wrath of his Aunt s friend by stopping the drunken decadence of Motty, which leads to merriment.
In Bertie Changes His Mind Bertie Wooster along with Jeeves visits his Aunt Dahlia at Brinkley Manor and things go really bad for Bertie when he is entrusted with the task of giving a talk at a girl s school The events that unfold will surely leave you in splits Curiously this is the only story in the entire Jeeve s Series that is narrated by Jeeves himself and it is the only story in the entire canon, which mentions a sister of Bertie named Mrs Scholfield , who spent a lot of time in India Bertie Changes His Mind was later augmented into the brilliant full length Jeeves and Bertie novel, Right Ho, Jeeves.
Other stories in this volume like The Aunt and the Sluggard , The Artistic Career of Corky , Clustering Round Young Bingo are all quite charming and pleasant to read Although many of plots and characters that the reader encounter in Wodehouse books may seem familiar and often repeating in his other books, the style and quality of side splitting narration makes all of them really fresh entertaining for me.

three stars upgraded to four after writing the review, because The deja vu is strong in this one For the first three or four stories in the collection I was convinced I ve read them before, recently enough to remember all the jokes and the plot twists There are two main reasons for the feeling much as I admire P G Wodehouse, I know he recycles characters and plots frequently, his charm relying on style than originality I believe all the stories included in Carry On, Jeeves have been filmed by the B.
C for their excellent T.
V show Jeeves and Wooster , a series that is also responsible for fixing in my imagination the faces of Stephen Fry and Hugh Laurie as the title characters.
I mentioned this aspect of been there, done that in explanation of my initial disappointment with the book I am convinced though that, if Carry On, Jeeves had been my first reading experience about the lackadaisical Wooster and his brainy, resourceful gentlemen s gentleman, I would easily have rated it the whole five stars for excellence.
Without further ado, let us carry on with a recap of the particular ghastly affairs of Bertie that only the magic touch of Jeeves can untangle 1 Jeeves Takes Charge has the merit of describing the very first encounter between master and servant, courtesy of the famous remedy for alcohol induced migraines that makes Jeeves such a welcome sight in the morning.
The rummy business Betie needs rescue from involves his fiancee Florence Craye,a girl with a wonderful profile, but steeped to the gills in serious purpose , her uncle Willoughby who has just finished writing down the scandalous account of his youth as a rake and the inquisitive Edwin the Boyscout whose good deeds are the bane of Bertie s existence The setting is the usual posh country manor in Shropshire.
Bertie conclusion at the end of this first story will be repeated in every subsequent iteration of the plotA great respect for this bloke s judgement began to soak through me2 The Artistic Career of Corky marks a change of venue, Bertie s home away from home, or the place that is as far away as possible from the wrath of his Aunt Agatha, incurred in a previous mishap Namely, New York, where Bertie is coming to the rescue of Corky, a young painter with little commercial success, who relies on handouts from his rich but tight fisted uncle to make ends meetThe catch about portrait painting is that you can t start painting portraits till people come along and ask you to, and they won t come to ask you to until you ve painted a lot first This makes it kind of difficult, not to say tough, for the ambitious youngster The complication comes in the form of the alluring Muriel Singer, a chorus girl in a Broadway show, and the eventual solution will require some knowledge of ornithology All s well that ends well, even if some adjustments will need to be made to the initial goals 3 Jeeves and the Unbidden Guest starts with my favorite quote in the collectionI m not absolutely certain of my facts, but I rather fancy it s Shakespeare or, if not, some equally brainy bird who says that it s always just when a fellow is feeling particularly braced with things in general that Fate sneakes up behind him with a bit of lead piping The uninvited guest who disturbs Bertie s amiable wasting of time in New York is sent by his Aunt Agatha Wilmot, soon to be referred to as Motty He is freshly arrived in the big city from a boring life in Much Middleford, Shropshire As soon as he escapes from under the stern gaze of his mother, Lady Malvern, who relies on Bertie to keep him in line as she explores the country, Motty starts with cheerful abandon his own forays into the nightlife temptations of the metropolisWhat s the use of a great city having temptations if fellows don t yield to themAs Motty embarks on a series of wild parties, drunkenness and white nights, even Jeeves will be hard pressed to come up with a solution for cutting short the young man s debauchery before his mother s return.
Before I start on the next story, I believe this is a good place to remark on the two favorite running gags Wodehouse deploys in most of his Jeeves yarns the neverending fashion war between Bertie risque taste in modern and daring costumes hats, socks, shirts, shoes, moustaches, etc and Jeeves stern conservative opinions about what a gentleman should wear Every story starts with Wooster trying to assert his will and ends with Jeeves getting the final word in the matter Wooster admits defeat or less gracefullyI felt like one of those chappies in the novels who calls off the fight with the wife in the last chapter and decides to forget and forgivethe ability of Jeeves to move silently and very fast around the house Wodehouse never gets tired of the game of finding new similes for describing the valet s gliding movements In this matter of shimmering into rooms the man is rummy to a degree Jeeves had projected himself in from the dining room and materialized on the rug Then he streamed imperceptibly towards the door and flowed silently out Jeeves filtered in Also he shimmered , flickered , floated noiselessly , streamed in 4 Jeeves and the Hard Boiled Egg introduces Mr Bickersteth, aka Bicky, as the next friend to be knee deep in the bouillon and to come to Bertie s New York apartment for assistance Bicky has difficulties in extracting a stipend from his hard boiled uncle, His Grace the Duke of Chiswick Among the dubious solutions attempted here are exiling Bertie from his luxury home, the establishment of an egg farm and a method to monetize the hunger of Americans for shaking hands with celebrities Good fun 5 The Aunt and the Sluggard presents Rockmetteler Todd, the laziest young devil in America, who prefers the quiet life in the countryside writing poetry to the clamor and bustle of New York He is forced though to reverse his lifestyle when his rich aunt demands that he entertain her with accounts of the city nightlife if he wants to continue to receive his monthly allowance.
I will use this occasion to remark that the most pertinent criticism that could be leveled at Wodehouse is that he always portrays in his stories the life of the rich and carefree, creating a rosy coloured alternative reality where nobody works for a livingIt s a curious thing how many of my pals seem to have aunts and uncles who are their main source of supplyexclaims Bertie candidly, while I am forced to admit that the appeal of the stories is escapist and frivolous in nature often than not, with few, if any, moments of existential anxiety 6 The Rummy Affair of Old Biffy takes us away from New York for a brief interlude in Paris, there to make the acquaintance of Biffen, an old school pal of Bertie plagued by an extremely feeble memory He forgets even the name of the hotel he is staying in, but his real problem is that he somehow managed to misplace the love of his life, another case of lost address.
Notable about this episode is the fierce aversion for marriage displayed by Bertie, who describes it in terms of being caught in the jaws of a hungry, slavering tigress who drags you unwillingly in her den to serve you as the main course at dinner.
In the role of the tigress we meet an old flame of Bertie, the infamous Honoria Glossop, accompanied by her scary psychologist father, Roderick Bertie s girl phobia is hard to miss as he comisserates over Biffy s engagementYou know as well as I do that Honoria Glossop is an Act of God You might just as well blame a fellow for getting run over by a truck Only Jeeves intervention can prevent a march down the aisle for the unlucky fellow 7 Without the Option is the story of how Oliver Randolph Sipperley became a jailbird Because Bertie was the drunken instigator of Sippy s assault on a policeman, he must now make amends by impersonating his friend during a visit to a Cambridge mansion There he meets Heloise Pringle, a girl who ressembles in a ghastly way the same old flame from the previous episode It turns out Heloise is the cousin of Honoria Glossop, and like her, she immediately has designs on improving Bertie s mind and ensnaring him into an engagement Hide and run provide only temporary relief for Bertie, and once again Jeeves is required to save the day 8 Fixing it for Freddie has Bertie involved once again in the romantic affairs of one of his old friends Fred Bullivant has just received his pink slip from his fiancee Elizabeth Vickers, so Bertie invites him to a seaside resort in Dorsetshire to help forget the whole affair Unfortunately the girl also visits Marvis Bay, so Bertie improvises a new solution that involves kidnapping an obnoxious child and training him with sugary treats to play the role of Cupid 9 Clustering Round Young Bingo is probably my favorite episode, and it involves a lot of recurring characters Bertie s aunt Dahlia comissions him to write an article for Milady s Boudoir on the subject of What the Well Dressed Man Is Wearing While Wooster experiences what it means to be a writerI don t wonder now that all those author blokes have bald heads and faces like birds who have sufferedJeeves is as usual peeved about his master s fashion senseSoft silk shirts with evening costume are not worn, sirThe central character of the story is neither Bertie, nor Aunt Agatha, nor even Biffy who is threatened by intimate revelations from an article penned by his wife Rosie M Banks No, here we meet for the first time the celebrated Anatole, the French artist of the cooking range.
Jeeves sums up the plot thusI fear sir, than when it comes to a matter of cooks, ladies have but a rudimentary sense of morality10 Bertie Changes His Mind is atypical in the sense that the narrator here is Jeeves, instead of the usual Wooster perspective Also known as the episode of the School for Young Ladies near Brighton.
The catalyst of the mishaps is to be found in a conversation on the subject of children Jeeves, I wish I had a daughter I wonder what the procedure is If Bertie has an aversion to marriage, Jeeves manifest a reluctance to work with children, and feels his solid position in the household is threatened Something must be done, and Jeeves puts in practice his declared motto Resource and Tact in order to finesse his master out of his fancyEmployers are like horses They require managing Some gentlemen s personal gentlemen have the knack of managing them, some have not I, I am happy to say, have no cause for complaint Remembering that in his younger days he worked as a page boy in a school for young ladies, Jeeves decides to demonstrate to his master that instead of little angels with pattering feet and lovely smiles, girls are More deadly than the male, sir , especially if you encounter themen masse .
This concludes our programme for tonight, folks.
Hope you enjoyed the show, and you ll be back soon for another collection of Jeeves and Wooster.
My first Wodehouse My sweet husband picked this up for my birthday, after I said how much I was wanting to read one of his books thanks to GR reviewer Dan It was a nice surprise, and Dan wasn t exaggerating about how great these books are I absolutely loved this one, and I can t wait to read.
Carry On, Jeeves is arranged like a collection of short stories featuring Bertie Wooster in his own words, having half the brains an ordinary bloke should have and his gentleman s gentleman, Jeeves who than makes up the difference in intelligence.
These stories have that lovely British between the wars quality that is so difficult to describe, but if you re a fan of movies or books set in this time and place, of authors like Agatha Christie or Beverly Nichols, you will probably devour this book and ask for seconds.
I love Bertie Wooster Hugh Laurie plays the role in the Jeeves Wooster television series if you re familiar with his work in comedy, you ll have no trouble envisioning the character s upper class bumbling in fact, you re probably smiling right now if you are familiar with it Jeeves played by Stephen Fry always manages to get the upper hand, but always in his very understated way.
My favorite story in this book was the last one, Bertie Changes His Mind , which unlike the other stories is told from Jeeves point of view the rest are from Bertie s I had so much fun seeing the other side of Jeeves machinations, and viewing Bertie s hapless floundering about through Jeeves eyes was priceless.
I would recommend this book to absolutely anyone with a sense of humour I ll go even further and recommend it to anyone, even those without a sense of humour maybe reading it will help cultivate one This is another delightful collection of stories involving Bertie and his impressive valet, Jeeves I listened to this on audio and it was a gem.
I can never tire of Wodehouse I can never tire of his books that are filled with characters like a friend who isAs vague and woollen headed a blighter as ever bit a sandwich , and a fiance who isone of those robust, dynamic girls with the muscles of a welter weight and a laugh like a squadron of cavalry charging over a tin bridgeand an aunt whofitted into the biggest arm chair in the house as if it had been built round her by someone who knew they were wearing arm chairs tight about the hips that season.
If beyond all this, I needed any incentive for picking up this book, it was the fact that it contains the only ever story narrated by Jeeves The story really cleared some air about what really goes on inside Jeeves s massive coconut.
Another magical read Carry On, Jeeves 1925 is a very jolly collection of early Jeeves and Wooster short stories It s interesting to read these early JW stories as it s so early in the duo s development and regular readers can observe how P.
G Wodehouse is starting to get ideas about their respective characters which become pronounced as the years roll by His descriptive writing is also not quite fully formed yet either That said, there are plenty of glorious and wonderful examples of Wodehouse s peerless art to enjoy Guileless but well intentioned Bertie, or one of his pals, finds himself in the soup and thus effortlessly efficient Jeeves appears with a wheeze to extricate Bertie or his pal Some of the recurring series characters also appear, not least Bertie s nemesis Sir Roderick Glossop in the two best stories The Rummy Affair of Old Biffy and Without the Option Some of these stories also appear in My Man Jeeves 1919 albeit in a slightly different form These are the stories contained within Carry On, Jeeves 1925 Jeeves Takes Charge Bertie hires Jeeves for the first time, and Bertie s fianc e Florence Craye wants Bertie to destroy his uncle s memoirs The Artistic Career of Corky Corky, a struggling artist who relies on his uncle, is afraid his uncle won t approve of his fianc e Jeeves suggests a plan involving books about birds Jeeves and the Unbidden Guest Bertie is told to look after Motty, the sheltered son of a friend of Aunt Agatha s, and keep him out of trouble Motty, however, wants to make the most of his time in New York Jeeves and the Hard boiled Egg Bicky, one of Bertie s friends, has lied to his uncle about his wealth and is in trouble when his miserly uncle comes to visit Jeeves suggests a plan involving a convention of gentlemen from Birdsburg, Missouri The Aunt and the Sluggard Bertie s friend Rocky, a poet who lives quietly in the country, is troubled when his aunt tells him to go to parties and clubs in New York and write her letters about it The Rummy Affair of Old Biffy Biffy, who is forgetful, can t remember the surname or address of the woman he loves After he ends up unhappily engaged to Honoria Glossop instead, he goes to Bertie for help Without the Option Sippy, who is financially dependent on his aunt, is expected to stay with his aunt s ghastly friends After Bertie inadvertently gets Sippy stuck in prison, Bertie must take Sippy s place Fixing it for Freddie After Freddie Bullivant is rejected by his fianc e Elizabeth Vickers, Bertie invites him to Marvis Bay Bertie gets an idea to reconcile the two when he sees Elizabeth playing with a child on the beach Clustering Round Young Bingo Bingo Little s wife wants a new housemaid, Aunt Dahlia wants a new cook, and Bingo Little wants his wife s article suppressed Bertie tries to sort everything out with help from Jeeves Bertie Changes His Mind After Bertie expresses interest in taking in his three nieces, Jeeves, who is against this idea, arranges for Bertie to give a speech to an audience of young girls.
After reading a string of books by authors who took themselves too seriously and satisfied inadequately, it was a pleasure to return to Wodehouse I really needed a good laugh This book of witty and sometimes hilarious short stories about Bertie and Jeeves was read with great relish by Frederick Davidson.
Meet The Inimitable Gentleman S Gentleman, Jeeves From The Moment Jeeves Glides Into Bertie Wooster S Life And Provides Him With A Magical Hangover Cure, Bertie Begins To Wonder How He S Ever Managed Without Him Jeeves Makes Himself Totally Indispensable In Every Way, Disentangling The Hapless Bertie From Scrapes With Formidable Aunts, Madcap Girls And Unbidden Guests His Ability To Dig Assorted Fellows Out Of Sundry Holes Is Nothing Short Of Miraculous In Short, The Man Is A Paragon This was my 3rd Jeeves book the 3rd in The Jeeves Omnibus I can t say enough good things about Wodehouse I have systematically been trying to get loved ones and friends to read these books, or at least become familiar with the characters, because I have fallen in love with them Also, I have found a Wodehouse Fanatic and I imagine a long friendship with them, involving among many other things borrowing all their Jeeves books and movies.
Highlights to Carry On, Jeeves 1 It s hilarious and hardly includes the character Bingo Little.
2 You learn how Jeeves came into Wooster s employ in the first place.
3 The last chapter is written by Jeeves Delightful I hope some day I will own nearly all Wodehouse s works, too.