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[ Pdf Blameless in Abaddon É writing PDF ] by James K. Morrow ✓ A dense but engaging read about the unlikely topic of theodicy, Blameless in Abaddon is equal parts serious theological examination and snarky comedy In other words, classic Morrow Blameless in Abaddon is technically a sequel to Towing Jehovah, but it could easily be read independently I also think it s a much stronger book and wrestles withinteresting issues than its predecessor Morrow is not religious, and I m consistently impressed with his ability to address the problems within organized religion in an academically serious yet occasionally hilarious way without painting all religious people as unenlightened luddites His books definitely aren t for everyone, but this liberal Christian enjoys them very much 4 1 2 stars.
This was not exactly what I expected as a sequel to Towing Jehovah It was, however, very engaging and thought provoking I had a hard time putting it down I am looking forward to what author Morrow delivers in the 3rd book.
In This Funny, Ferocious Fantasy Philadelphia Inquirer , God Is A Comatose, Two Mile Long Tourist Attraction At A Florida Theme Park Until A Conniving Judge Decides To Put Him On Trial In The Hague For Crimes Against Humanity A New York Times Notable Book Of The Year One of the funniest books I have ever read in my life If I had underlined every phrase I thought was funny, there would be ink on every page, in almost every paragraph.
The second part of a trilogy that began with Towing Jehovah Exploring a world where God s dead body is the hot topic Incredibly funny, culturally aware, poking fun at every race, age, religion, and stance.
Particularly loved the bits written from the Devil s point of view The one thing he got wrong was my age While poets commonly produce their best work in their thirties, and mathematicians typically tend to burn out in their twenties, miscreants tend to be late bloomers Hitler didn t get around to invading Poland until he was fifty Ceausescu got the hang of atrocity only after turning sixty four I am an eternal seventy two.
Highly recommended.
Se ne l ultimo viaggio di Dio l avventura la protagonista, in questo secondo romanzo della trilogia di Dio di Morrow pi l aspetto teologico e biblico che viene sottolineato La prima parte del libro in cui per vari motivi il corpo di Dio viene posto al centro di un enorme parco divertimenti a tema e organizzato per redditizi pellegrinaggi il corpo di Dio collegato a una specie di grande macchina per la rianimazione in quanto si sospetta che sia solo in coma e non definitivamente spirato stata per me un vero peso, stavo decidendo di abbandonare questa lettura Ma non l ho fatto, perch quando finalmente si arriva al succo della storia ossia il protagonista, un giudice di pace, in seguito a tragiche vicende personali decide di fare causa a Dio per crimini contro l umanit chiedendo la condanna a morte definitiva staccando la spina della macchina che lo tiene in vita si apre tutto un diverso interesse Notevole il viaggio che il protagonista fa all interno del cervello di Dio per avere le prove da portare al processo, dove si scopre che il pensiero divino platonico e vi si ritrovano le idee , gli archetipi, di tutte le cose create Con i compagni di viaggio tra cui S Agostino come se fosse il Virgilio dantesco, ma pi somigliante a una moderna guida turistica per viaggi organizzati l incontro con No , Abramo e Isacco questo brano memorabile il Behemoth, Lot a Sodoma, Jeshua sul Golgota come non ripensare al Pilato de il Maestro e Margherita E i bellisssimi capitoli del Diavolo Jonathan Sarkos di professione sarto inseriti come monologhi di una delle pi sfolgoranti idee di Dio, il male Meno coinvolgente la parte del processo.
ps Abaddon oltre ad essere il nome del paese della Pennsylvania in cui vive e lavora il protagonista, uno dei nomi pi evocativi dell inferno il nome ebreo sia di un angelo caduto sia del pozzo senza fondo dal quale l angelo lancia i suoi richiami.
This book loosely follows the action in Towing Jehovah In Towing , the body of God falls from the sky and lands in the ocean, sparking a worldwide crisis of faith In Abaddon, we find that God s body is comatose, not dead, and its hauled to Florida where a theme park about miracles is built around his body Our main character, Martin Candle, is a Job like character who is an upright, Republican judge who loses his wife, his house, and his health, and decides he wants to bring a lawsuit against God in the world court and request that God s body be taken off life support The rest of the book is a trip through the arguments about theodicy, or the problem of evil how can an all good, all powerful God allow evil and suffering in the world The book does get bogged down a bit in theological and philosophical arguments, but it s also leavened with humor If you didn t know much about what the various arguments are in the area of the problem of evil, you ll be well versed in them after reading this book I wouldn t necessarily recommend this particular book to other readers unless you enjoyed Towing Jehovah, but I do love James Morrow s blasphemous books in general.
Storyline 2 5Characters 2 5Writing Style 2 5World 1 5I m sure Morrow is deserving of some appellation king of small ironies, or perhaps wizard of the quip, but, ultimately, this wasn t enough to turn Blameless in Abaddon into an engaging novel The book is divided into three parts The first is chock full of witty observations that entertain for a short time Most of them, however, would have fit just as neatly into another book Morrow was writing and did not appear to uniquely build up this world In the second part we get what is undoubtedly the funniest and quirkiest contribution, view spoiler Platonic forms hide spoiler

The second in a loose trilogy by Morrow, the book continues the story of what we, as humans, want to do with the physical body of God which, presumed dead in the first book Towing Jehovah , is in fact merely in a coma The main character is a modern day Job and has decided to bring suit against God in the World Court in The Hague, The Netherlands for all the suffering He has caused or criminally failed to stop.
Like Neil Gaiman, Morrow combines snappy dialogue, well honed satire, awesome research, and moments of beauty equal to the moments of horror or despair As a Christian, I think this series should be required reading for other Christians across the spectrum It s not that this book nails hypocritical hides to the wall I mean it does, but not just that it s that the book will make you think and reflect on what you believe and why It doesn t challenge one s belief so much as it examines everything in the same precise light.
So, interested in reading a 400 page comedy on the subject of Theodicy Interested in venturing literally into God s skull Do you ever feel you ve been slapped upside the head by the Ontological argument This book is for you Never has the problem of evil beenfun.
For those of you who aren t into the fun branch of theology known as theodicy, it deals with the paradox of if god is all knowing, all powerful and all good, why is there evil in the world This has been debated by theologians and philosophers for millennia, and Morrow doesn t really dumb down the subject here All of the popular defenses and theologians from Anselm, Aquinas, and most memorably Augustine are all here, Augustine again literally Job, the legendary sufferer also plays his part, along with Lot, Adam and Eve, Noah, and a bunch of other prominent figures from the bible Morrow does come up with a solution, and it won t really please anyone He knows this too, and that makes it all the better All in all a great read Technically it s a sequel to Towing Jehovah, but works just fine as a stand alone read.
From suburban Philadelphia with references both to TLA on South Street and to Lower Merion I lived 3 blocks from the border at City Line when I lived in Phila to The Hague for a Trial of all Existence also noted a Hostetler farm in central PA the author lives in State College , and Olean NY only 70 miles from where I live now , the author pulls few punches in this novelized analysis of theodicy and the intellectual gymnastics undertaken to support the innocence or guilt of Jehovah in the question of aspects of evil or negative events befalling humanity throughout history.
As a satire, Abaddon did not let me down this novel sits well within some of my views of society and theistic or a theistic sentiment I bought this book prior to attending a book signing back in January 2015 in State College PA for Morrow s newest novel Galapagos Regained I was able to speak with the Mr Morrow, and relayed that I d enjoyed two other of his novels The Philospher s Apprentice, and The Last Witchfinder , had just purchased his God head trilogy and read the first, Towing Jehovah, the week before , and was anxiously looking forward to Galapagos I ll be following this in a few weeks and will read The Eternal Footman.