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[Jane Carruth] ó Alice in Wonderland [death PDF] Read Online ó Oh, you can t help that, said the Cat we re all mad here I m mad You re mad First of all, this was my 200th read book this year, so YAY for me Second of all, even though I ve watched countless adaptations of Alice, it was completely new experience to read this book well, listen actually If you haven t already read this book, I suggest listening to Storynory s audiobook The narrator did an amazing job, and she really brought all those characters to life.
I can t believe I haven t picked up this book until now I watched the animated film a million times as a kid, and I ve seen the Tim Burton movie, but reading the original story was such a delightful experience WHIMSY TO THE MAX I know it s supposed to be basically a nonsensical story and opium fueled apparently but I think there s actually a lot of wisdom to be taken from it People take life too seriously sometimes A little nonsense now and then does the body good where have I heard that before Was it Charlie and the Chocolate Factory Plan to read Through the Looking Glass next to get hyped about the new movie coming out Well, if you really love this book, please do not read on I really did not enjoy the book, and I m a little surprised that it s considered a classic The one thing I did enjoy was that there were many imaginative scenes all of the different places that she went, like the tea party, the garden, etc But, the characters were drawn very poorly they were simply drawn, and most were just annoying even Alice Most of the characters in the great wonderland were either cruel, mean or contrary or didn t make any sense I would not have a child read this either It s probably written for ages 5 7, but the dialogue doesn t make much sense, and with the constant threats of beheading and other such scenes, I recommend that no child read it I m sure the movies are better if you could take the imaginative scenes that were painted and create much better characters, I think it would be great The characters were my biggest disappointment no development, and just annoying.
Oh yeah, and Alice s constant back and forth with making herself grow bigger or smaller gets old This book makes perfect sense if you had a misspent youth and went in for psychedelic substances Just as Lewis Carroll undoubtedly did Well he certainly liked opium.
If you ever tripped out getting bigger and smaller, things that half disappear in the air and inanimate objects suddenly coming to life were part of the fun of the trip Lewis Carroll wrote Alice as a children s fantasy, but I believe he and his friends must have had a quiet smile at no one guessing the source of his inspiration Or perhaps laughed out loud at the magic mushroom with the caterpillar sitting on it smoking his hookah, and the little bottle of drink me an imperative just don t say No and other drug references We never see what we don t want to view spoiler I don t mind if you think that I m completely wrong and shouldn t sully Lewis Carroll with such ideas as drug trips He s been sullied by plenty of other accusations so one less won t matter Of course, I am using sullied here in an ironic way hide spoiler People knocking on the door of their seventh decade don t typically get their first of these things at this point in their lives But then the Cubs had never won the World Series any other year of my life I got caught up in the moment And as is often the case, supply created its own demand When a smiling Kris Bryant threw the runner out at first to complete the impossible dream, we high tailed it to Wrigleyville to join the celebration An enterprising artist took advantage of the mood delirious, incautious and anesthetized and offered what seemed like a great souvenir of the season Anyway, this is me with my ice breaking ink I don t know how common this is, but am pretty sure I m not the only one who had regrets afterwards It wasn t so much the semi permanent nature of the marking itself, it was the fact that I was somehow signalling that some stupid team whose success I almost nothing to do with aside from a few extra bucks in ticket and t shirt revenues wasimportant than my sweetie There was an obvious remedy for that It was only a few days later that I got this one.
Tattoos, I suspect, are a lot like cats Once you get a few of them,seem to find their way to you The next one I wanted to think about As someone who considers himself the office book nerd most of my colleagues arenumerically inclined , I thought maybe I could pay tribute to an influential book of my youth I must have connected to this mathematically inclined author and his funny logic akin to an all white Rubik s cube perhaps Plus, the almost surreal times we live in suggest a certain kind of statement, too Anyway, here s what I decided on At this point, with the floodgates of ink now open, my dear wife thinks I should get oneThis is one that, in her mind, sets me apart It marks this rather odd proclivity of mine to go to extreme lengths just to say, April Fools My arms, legs, back and buttocks remain unadorned, but I m now thinking some of these do look pretty cool.

Go home, Alice You re drunk.
5 5I really enjoyed the beginning of the novel, but soon this whimsicality just grew too much for me I didn t really understand what was happening at the trial and pretty much gave up trying to understand Honestly, I think this is one of those rare instances where the movie is better than the book This is a short book, though, so if you have a few hours to spare and want to read a classic, I d recommend To purge myself from the impact of a controversial book that I read recently All the Ugly and Wonderful Things I tried to go back in time and read something for fun I m glad to say the experiment was successful as the reading experience was stellar to a T In fact something happened that didn t happen ever before.
What happened was that I enjoyed this book s poetry for once It was a nonsensical poem but very funny.
Alice folded her hands, and beganYou are old, Father William, the young man said, And your hair has become very white And yet you incessantly stand on your head Do you think, at your age, it is right In my youth, Father William replied to his son, I feared it might injure the brain But, now that I m perfectly sure I have none, Why, I do it again and again Alice in Wonderland attracted me in my childhood That was the first time I read about the bird called the Dodo The Dodo is the emblem of my country, so I simply loved its appearance I also loved the crazy characters herein Some areimpactful than others but all are memorable That s it I don t have much to say This is my most beloved classic.
This Is An Adaptation For The Editions Of The original Book, See HereAlice S Adventures In Wonderland Commonly Shortened To Alice in Wonderland Is AnNovel Written By English Mathematician Charles Lutwidge Dodgson Under The Pseudonym Lewis Carroll It Tells Of A Girl Named Alice Falling Through A Rabbit Hole Into A Fantasy World Populated By Peculiar, Anthropomorphic Creatures The Tale Plays With Logic, Giving The Story Lasting Popularity With Adults As Well As With Children It Is Considered To Be One Of The Best Examples Of The Literary Nonsense Genre Its Narrative Course And Structure, Characters And Imagery Have Been Enormously Influential In Both Popular Culture And Literature, Especially In The Fantasy Genre